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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Release Blitz! Trapping Wasp By Harley Stone

18+ for language and sexual situations...  Andrew “Wasp” Marshall, VP of the Dead Presidents MC, rides life like it’s his bike, at full speed with no real destination. But when he sets his sights on an irresistible new bartender with a comical little kid, Wasp will have to decide if he’s willing to give up his carefree lifestyle and buckle down to become the man she needs. 

Carly Cooper is a survivor. When an old friend turns from protective to possessive she packs up her five-year-old son and flees to Seattle, leaving everything and everyone she knows behind. Carly has neither time nor energy for Wasp’s advances, despite his panty-dropping smile and made-for-sin body. 

As things between Wasp and Carly heat up, Carly’s past catches up to her and she must decide whether to trust Wasp and the Dead Presidents, or to pack up and run again.

So, it is not a secret that I wasn’t a fan of the first book in this series and that I liked the second book a lot more. Going into Trapping Wasp I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this book or not and ended up liking it overall. I liked the premise of the book, I liked Wasp and his family and the craziness and closeness of them, I also like other aspects of how the Dead Presidents MC took time to meet with kids at a day care as well as their work with fellow veterans. So, what I didn’t like? Well I can’t say that I didn’t fully like Carly because for most of the book I didn’t but in the end, I found a happy medium with her character.

I loved Wasp, I loved the way that he didn’t stray once he started to pursue Carly. Normally if he had it wouldn’t bother me but for some reason it meant a lot to me that he didn’t with Carly. I think it was how he sort of just flowed into the role he played with Carly’s son and knew the stakes that were at risk if he broke their hearts. Carly, I think needed to lighten up at times about things her son did, I am the mother of a son and know that at times what he says and does will be a handful at times, but then again, I don’t have a stick up my ass like Carly at times does. I understood why she ran  but at the same time I wanted her to sand up for her and her son not run when shit got hard.

Trapping Wasp overall was a book I liked and I want to read more of this series because the more I read the more I read the more invested I get even when I may not be blown away I want more. I love the message of supporting our veterans above ad beyond what the VA does and as a wife of a veteran that means a lot to me. I like that this MC romance has a bit of a different twist to it and I welcome the change that the twist brings. 

Harley Stone writes mafia romance and funny-as-shit romantic fiction. When she's not writing, she's busy living out her real adventure in southwest Washington with her husband and their five boys.

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