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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New To Me Tuesday! One Hundred & Thirty Six Scars By Amo Jones

I was four years old when I learnt what evilness the world could bring. I fought through life with my scarred soul, wrangled through the dark empty nights where I’d pray I didn’t wake up the next morning. I would shut my eyes and mentally take myself to my happy place.
Red roses
The sound of waves crashing on the sand under my feet.
The final time the cold blade pushed up against my thigh, and I waited for my blood to trickle over the other One hundred and thirty-six scars that covered my skin— never came. Who was this man who just saved me? He had no idea how close I came to ending myself that day. I was ready to blow my brains all over the bedroom walls and I had a nine sitting under my pillow to prove it.

Some people have families, I had engineered human killing machines surrounding me my whole life. I’d been a part of this unit since I was a baby, raised in a community that was shut off from the real world. A community where we were nothing but empty vessels, until Hella (my best friend) and I escaped. Hella took us to a girl who was in foster care with him before he was summoned into The Army. After finding out yet another complication in my life, I needed space. I booked in to a run down apartment, ready to clear my head. Only my head didn’t clear, because I was haunted every night from the screams that would vibrate through my walls.

This is not a story of a perfect man coming in to save the day. This is a story of what happens when fate interferes and two completely broken souls collide.

*Potential triggers lie within this book.
** This book is gritty and contains dark content.

I have read books by Amo Jones before but I hadn’t read One Hundred & Thirty Six Scars yet.  I was looking for something dark, intense, gritty and that I wouldn’t want to put down.  I found all of that and more in One Hundred & Thirty Six Scars.  Why did I wait so long to read it? This book can have triggers so please keep that in mind when reading it.

One hundred and thirty six scars that represent pain, one hundred and thirty six scars that represent despair, one hundred thirty six scars that represent strength, one hundred thirty six scars that represent healing.  I am sure you are curious about what I meant about all of that but I won’t say, when you read the book you will understand the scars and their meaning.  Meadow lived through a hell that I would never want to imagine, just when she was about to fully break she was saved.  My heart broke for her but I was also impressed with her inner strength.  I loved how while Beast would have scared most people, for her she took the bad with the good and in a sense soothed his inner beast.

Beast, his name would make you think of someone terrifying and unable to feel, which in a sense can be one way that Beast can be described as.  He went through his own form of personal hell growing up, he has his own scars some physical and some not.  When he saves Meadow, you know that there will always be a connection between them.  He is dark, but with Meadow he is so protective of her and careful when they meet again.  He has never forgotten about her and she never forgot about them. The chemistry between them both in and out of the bedroom is off the charts.  He was the perfect one for Meadow, I don’t think she would ever have trusted anyone else.

I didn’t want to put this book down, my husband had been out of town working and I had to pick him up from the airport and I seriously contemplated about making him walk home just so I didn’t have to stop reading.  If you are wondering I did go get him but grudgingly so.  One Hundred &Thirty Six Scars satisfied the dark craving I needed.  I can’t wait to start the next book as soon as I can because while I was already a fan of Amo Jones and her books I am an even bigger one now.  If you are looking for a dark, intense, gritty romance then make sure you have this one on your TBR lists!

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