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Friday, December 8, 2017

Review! The Last True Vampire By Kate Baxter

As Michael’s eyes lit on a female not twenty feet away, he knew without a doubt that it was her blood that called to him and her scent that had awakened him.This female had tethered his soul and returned it to him.

Soul Survivor

He is the last of his race. The one true king of the vampires. Michael Aristov roams the nightclubs of L.A. after dark, haunted by his past and driven by his hunger. The last of the Ancient Ones, he alone has survived the destruction of his race at the hands of the slayers. Now he is forced to hunt and feed like a common vampire, a creature of lust. Nothing in this world can fulfill his needs…until he meets a woman who’s everything he’s ever wanted. And more.

Sweet Salvation
Her name is Claire Thompson. Her blood is so sweet, so intoxicating—the smell alone draws Michael to her like a moth to the flame. Sly, sexy, and seductive, Claire seems to be the only mortal who can satisfy his craving and seal his fate…forever. Can she be trusted? From their very first kiss, the last true vampire sweeps Claire into a world in which darkness rules desire—and where falling in love is the greatest danger of all…

I am always on the lookout for a new paranormal romance to try, it is my favorite genre after all.  The Last True Vampire is the first book in the Last True Vampire series and it overall was good, I had hoped it would have been great but for me it missed that mark.

I enjoyed the premise but had a hard time liking Claire throughout the book.  She is first introduced to us as a street hustler and pickpocket, doing that she needs to pay her rent when she is short.  At first I thought oh I think I am going to like her a lot but quickly that changed.  She, for me at least was not a very likable character.  I get it that she was a hustler but after it being mentioned over and over again I was over it and honestly annoyed.  She isn’t as smart as she wants to believe she is and that is pointed out more than once by her immature actions at stubborn attitude.  She puts herself and others in harm way more than once.

Mikhail aka Michael is the last true vampire of the race, until he finds his mate he is unable to turn any of the dhampirs  wanting to be made into full vampires and restore the race.  I really liked Mikhail but I wanted him to be more dominant and stronger than he was until later in the book.  He is supposed to be the King of his race and while that responsibly is a lot to have on your shoulders more than once he didn’t necessarily come across as weak but he also wasn’t as strong as he should have been.  His soul is tethered to Claire’s and she makes him stronger but is also a weakness because enemies will use her to get to him.

With all that being said I did overall enjoy The Last True Vampire, I think this book fell into the first book in a series issues because it does set up a lot that will be happening in the future books.  Now this book has been out for a while so I can luckily keep reading this series without having to wait and keep reading is what I do plan on doing.  I think if the characters are more balanced in future books then this will be one series that this book whore will truly enjoy.

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