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Hi I'm Janna and I am a book whore! I started this blog after being a part of another for years. While being a big blog may be nice I like to stay true to me having a love for books, that's why I blog. I love books and I want to share that love with my readers of this blog. I love to read, books are my escape and a huge part of my life besides my husband and two children. I am honest and sometimes sassy in my reviews but never mean. Some of my favorite authors include Kristen Ashley, Penelope Douglas, T.M. Frazier, M.N. Forgy, Rachel Van Dyken, Meghan March and Vi Keeland to only name a few!

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Release Blitz! Belong By NB Baker

When everything is stacked against you, sometimes surviving only happens when you find that one person in the world and the one place you truly…
This world can beat you down.
Make you feel worthless.
Swallow you up in its darkness.
In the blink of an eye the people I loved more than anything, were taken from me.
Leaving me alone with no one but my abusive father.
If you get told you’re worthless often enough, you start to believe it.
You drink it in until it poisons your soul.
That was my life…until Justin.
The minute I saw Sarah, I knew she was special.
I wanted to claim her then, but she wasn’t ready.
Seeing her again, I know I’m done waiting.
I want her.
I’m not stopping until I make her see how special she is.
I want her to look in the mirror and see the woman I see, the woman who was made for me. Sarah thinks she doesn’t deserve me.
She doesn’t think I can understand the pain inside of her.
I have the same darkness inside of me.
I just need her to believe in herself and in me.
In us.
Can two damaged souls learn to trust and lean on each other?
Can they put their past behind them and learn just how beautiful life can be together?
Or when tragedy strikes, will it all be lost forever?

Belong was an emotional book for me and I am having trouble figuring out how I want to write this review.  I don’t know if I will be able to get across in the perfect way how much this book had my emotions going from highs to lows in a matter of a few minutes.  There is abuse in this book so please be aware that at times it is really hard to read because of how emotional it gets.  I don’t know if I could have been as strong as Sarah ends up being if I experienced what she did.  Justin is truly who she needed to come along in her life.  He, he is just an amazing character that added to this story and the twists and emotions that it has in it.  I apologize to the author because I know this review is not doing the book justice and I am not sure if it is because I still get tears in my eyes when I think of it or if it is because I felt such a strong connection to Sarah, but whatever the reason is I wish I had the perfect words to say how much this book touched me.  This is a book that will stay with me for a while and one I can recommend.

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