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Friday, October 28, 2016

Release Blitz! The Billionaire Next Door By Jessica Lemmon

It's Tag Crane's job to be the life of the party. Traveling from one exotic locale to another is just part of running the luxurious Crane Hotel empire. But even paradise isn't perfect. Devising a new business strategy is keeping Tag up at night-and so is the Great Dane barking at all hours in the apartment below his. To muzzle the problem, Tag charges downstairs . . . right into the most beautiful, blond distraction he's ever seen.

Dog-sitting by day, bartending by night. It's not exactly the life Rachel Foster dreamed of. But when Tag Crane rushes in, all mountain-man shoulders and obscenely sexy smile, needing her help for the Crane Hotels, it's a fantasy come true. What's the harm in a fun no-strings fling? Only a fool would give her heart to a billionaire player like Tag-until suddenly the one man who can't be caught is the one flirting with forever . . .

I love Jessica Lemmon, she has an amazing ability to tell a story about characters you love, that you want to know in real life, that you wish you could call friends.

This is the 2nd in the series, and while it is a standalone, there is enough of Reese and Merina from the 1st book that you feel like you are still spending time with them, while not enough to get confusing or to really spoil their book. So, the perfect balance of not too much to cause the book to not be a standalone and just enough for those who have read the first to get a little more time with those characters.

Rachel and Tag are wonderful. You understand where she is coming from, the bad relationship that scars her for the next one, the idea that she knows Tag’s reputation, that she thinks she can get involved with him without risking her heart. The problem? There is so much more to Tag that she sees at first, there is a depth there, a core of a really emotional man who hides behind the idea that he is carefree. She sees this quickly, and Rachel is torn…can she fall in love with Tag? Yes…but should she?

Tag is a great guy, the kind of guy everyone loves, the one who breaks up with women and they stay friends. Partly because he goes into a relationship expecting it to end, expecting to tire of the woman he is involved with, and to want to move on.

This story is about 2 people who both expect a fling and who then have to deal with a relationship that turns into so much more. What is fun is you get to go along for the ride with both of them, to watch them start in the same place, that this is a fun fling (once they get to that point) and then discover that what they want is so much more than they ever thought they would.

The writing is strong. Jessica Lemmon has a talent for writing real-to-life, compelling characters. You know that, when you read one of her books, you are going to be invested; you are going to want to know what happens. The pacing is also perfect, it doesn’t drag, there is not a single point where I found myself skimming, or thinking that a scene was too long or unnecessary.

Yet, again, I find myself saying that you will absolutely love the newest release by Jessica Lemmon. I recommend it highly.

The Billionaire Next Door is the second book in the Billionaire Bad Boys series and can be read as a standalone.  It is the perfect mix of sweet, sexy, funny and has just a tiny bit of angst. 

Tag will have you swooning with not only hot how and sexy is but how caring he really is.  Rachel will make you believe that love can happen again after a break up if you find that right person, billionaire or not.  The buildup between Tag and Rachel was slow and while at times I may have mumbled to myself get together already in the end I think the relationship between them needed that slowness at first. 

I am looking forward to the next book, I think it is going to be an emotional one based of the circumstances going into it.  Jessica Lemmon is an author that I enjoy reading especially when I want something a tad bit lighter than my normal reads and I think you all will want a billionaire living next door to you especially if he is like Tag, I know I would.  The Billionaire Next Door is a book that I think a lot will enjoy.


The Billionaire Bachelor, #1

The Billionaire Next Door, #2

The Bastard Billionaire, #3

“Why is it you look like you’re thinking something sinister?” he asked, that eyebrow arcing higher. “And don’t lie to me, Dimples. I have a sixth sense.” She watched his slow smile, white teeth appearing as his trimmed beard parted. Her nether regions buzzed like she’d sat on a vibrating phone.

“I’m surprised . . .” she started, feeling daring. Must be the Kona coffee.


“Because I expected you to induct me into the Mile High Club by now. This is my first private flight.” She looked at him through her lashes, her coy smile in place.

Tag wore an all-out grin, which made her inordinately pleased. Where she was concerned, he wasn’t immune. And she liked that. A lot.

“Excuse me.” Smoothly, he shut his laptop, stood, and walked from cabin to cockpit.

Okay. That was interesting. She hadn’t expected him to leave. Maybe she didn’t have the same power over him as he had over her.

She turned to look out the window, but the nighttime landscape was nothing but blackness. She imagined a sea of clouds and blue skies once the sun rose, anticipating being someplace where the high was above freezing. She wondered what the temperature was on—

“Let’s go.” Her hand was snatched a moment later as Tag pulled her out of her seat and led her to the bedroom.

“Wait,” she said through her laughter as she hustled after him. “What are you doing?”

In the bedroom, he released her, closed the door, and whipped off his shirt. She gasped, her eyes eating up his tanned muscles and bulky arms.

“Making you a member.” He caught the back of her head in his hand and kissed her. She melted beneath his touch. She was hopelessly attracted to him. Just an absolute goner.

When she caught a breath of air, she said, “Where did you go?”

“Told the pilot to take the long way.”

“There’s a longer way to Hawaii?”

“There is now.”

A former job-hopper, Jessica Lemmon resides in Ohio with her husband and rescue dog. She holds a degree in graphic design currently gathering dust in an impressive frame. When she's not writing super-sexy heroes, she can be found cooking, drawing, drinking coffee (okay, wine), and eating potato chips. She firmly believes God gifts us with talents for a purpose, and with His help, you can create the life you want.

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