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Monday, May 27, 2019

ARC Review! Siren Unleashed By Lexi Blake Writing As Sophie Oak

Siren Unleashed (Texas Sirens Book 7)Re-released in a second edition with new content.

Detectives Ben and Chase Dawson have been sent to investigate an unusual murder at an exclusive resort owned by Julian Lodge. The prime suspect is a young woman who was the last person to see the victim alive. Julian wants them to ensure her safety while also conducting the investigation. The job seems simple enough, until Ben and Chase discover that the beautiful woman they have both come to desire has dark secrets.

Natalie Buchanan came to the Willow Fork Tranquility Spa seeking sanctuary after escaping the clutches of a twisted sadist. Working as a massage therapist at the resort has given her a chance to heal. It also offers her an opportunity to reconnect to the lifestyle she thought she would never be comfortable in again. But when one of her regular clients ends up dead on her table, Natalie fears that the monster she once escaped has come back to claim her.

As Natalie rediscovers her own power, all three will be forced to confront her past.

Siren Unleashed is the latest re-release in the Texas Sirens series and it was yet another book that I really enjoyed overall. I must say though while this was just as hot as the previous books, I had a very hard time connecting with Natalie’s character and I think that is what has kept me from fully loving it.

Chase and Ben are twin brothers, one is softer and more friendly and the other puts off most people due his let’s say gruff nature. The bond between the twins is strong, they feel each other’s pain and emotions, but can they get along to claim their damaged sub or will it be better for them to go their separate ways? Well I am obviously not going to tell you, so you have to read the book. While I had a hard time connecting with Natalie, she is struggling after being abused and has denied her submissive side for too long now.  Ben, Chase and Natalie need each other more than they probably know and to heal the pain that could end up tearing them apart.

Fans of this series should add Siren Unleashed to their TBR lists. I am still a huge fan of this series and can’t wait to read the next book!

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