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Monday, January 14, 2019

ARC Review! Ransom By Laramie Briscoe

Ransom (LSERT, #1)A new series from the author of the Moonshine Task Force Series!
Laurel Springs, AL is about to be hotter than a mid-August thunderstorm.

When the Moonshine Task Force is absorbed into a new entity, Laurel Springs Emergency Response Team (LSERT) new faces come to town, new love is born, old love is found again, and there’s a plethora of drama and romance happening all over the tri-county area. LSERT puts police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, K-9 handlers, and EMT’s all in harm’s way as they work to keep the area safe from any threat.

When emotions are high, passions ignite.

Come with me, back to Laurel Springs, in what's sure to be a wild ride!

Ransom Thompson

For years I’ve wanted two things - to be a member of the Moonshine Task Force and to be the man Stella Kepler can’t live without.

One out of two isn’t bad, or so I tell myself. Being the only K-9 handler for The MTF presents its own share of obstacles, but me and Rambo? We make it work. Life is status quo, until I’m called in to help with what appears to be a hostage situation and Stella is right in the middle of it.

This is my one chance, and I’m not going to blow it.

Stella Kepler

When I’m stuck in an examination room holding a hurt woman and a man with a gun, I do the only thing I can. I sneak out, call 911 and hope help comes quickly. It does.

In the form of Ransom Thompson.

He and I have known each other since we were babies. Our mother’s are friends, our dad’s work together, and we’ve always been friends.

Only, the last few months I’ve started to notice things. How mature he is, how alpha he can be, the chiseled six-pack, and the abundance of ink spreading across his body.

When I offer to cook him dinner for saving me, neither one of us know how that one moment will change the course of the rest of our lives.
With every book that Laramie Briscoe writes, this book whore becomes an even bigger fan. Ransom is the first book in the LSERT series which is a spin-off of the MTF (Moonshine Task Force) series and if you have read any of the MTF books then you will not only see characters from there in Ransom but these are the kids of the MTF guys.

I LOVED Ransom, I know who inspired his character and as a fan of the show he is from I have to say that Laramie did an excellent job bringing his character to life in this one. The chemistry between him and Stella was off the charts explosive, his connection with his K-9 partner Rambo was both sweet and strong, but Ransom coming into his own and going for what he wanted, well that is just one of the things that made him so sexy in my opinion. I mean he could pull me over and search me any day of the week, well him or the person he is inspired from that is. Watch LIVE PD, you will quickly figure out what I mean.

I am excited about this new series and what will happen to the characters we have come to know and love and some possible new ones along the way as well. You don’t have to have read the MTF series in order to start the LSERT one but I think you will love it even more if you do because you get the background on who is who and what has happened in their pasts. Ransom is a MUST read and one that I plan on reading again very, very soon.

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