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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Release Blitz! Senator By Sienna Snow

My name is Jacinta Camden.

I'm a US Senator, a fourth generation politician, and the future of the conservative party.

I’ve known from the time I could walk, that I’d run for office. I've played the game, battled my colleagues, and come out on top.

Everything I've ever wanted is within my grasp.

Then why did I fall for a man who’s touch consumed me to the point of forgetting my goals? Why did he have to be my political opponent for the highest office in the Nation?

Now, I must decide between a road that is clear and could lead to the White House and another that is unknown and has the potential to leave me in shambles.

I am Jacinta Camden. Presidential hopeful and United States SENATOR.

These are the reviews I hate to write, the negative ones, but sometimes I have no choice in the matter and this is one of those times. I promise I am not bashing the book or the author with this review and I am sure I am in the minority as well. I have read political romances in the past and have enjoyed them a great deal so I was excited to start Senator thinking I would fall in love with this series as well. Now I didn’t read the first book and maybe if I had I would have had a better idea on what to expect.

I have enjoyed romances with a side of political, not political books with a small side of romance like I got with Senator. Now maybe it’s just me but after a while I was so sick of hearing about her Republican opinion or the fact that her career came first and love second. Jacinta aka Jaci is career driven and please do not get me wrong when I say that I get it but I could never sacrifice my happiness for a career that may not be a given. She was driven, but at the same time, in my opinion that drive is misplaced. She is not only just hurting herself but the person who is the love of her life who happens to be a part of the opposite party. Veer wants to be with Jaci but also knows that her ambitions take more importance than what is happening between them. I just couldn’t get past the nonstop political opinions or comments, I wanted a romance with a political theme not a political book with a small side of romance.

I hate to say this but I honestly didn’t care at the end of the book if Jaci and Veer got together or not and for me that is a sad thing because I want the HEA, do they get it? Well you have to read the book to find out because I won’t spoil it. I don’t think I will be continuing this series no matter how much I was excited to at first.


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Author Bio

Author Sienna Snow is a writer, mom, and world traveler, who plans to visit all seven continents within the next ten years.

Her romantic fiction aims to shatter the stereotypes associated with weak female characters pervasive in romantic and erotic fiction today. Inspired by her years working in corporate America as a management consultant, Sienna has created a narrative around strong, successful women who know what they want and exactly how to get it, in and out of the bedroom. In fact, the heroines in her books are billionaires.

From diverse backgrounds, the heroines are smart, well-educated women who choose to find love through atypical circumstances.

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