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Monday, January 22, 2018

Mafia/MC Monday! Hellraiser By Amo Jones

This book can be read as a standalone 

They say there are defining points in your life – moments where you f**ked it all up, moments that make you its bitch, moments that shape you into the person you are.
The day I met Braxton Ward was one of my moments.
My name’s Melissa Hart, and I don’t think you’re ready for this story.

I go by a few names: Hella, Brax, 112, or, depending on whether I’ve been balls deep in you or not, C*nt. I don’t push the boundaries because in order to do so, one must have them. I’ve never had them. Being homeless at the not-so-tender age of fifteen morphed me into an emotionless shell, and when The Army recruited me, that shell turned into steel.
They say if fire is hot enough, it can melt steel; the hate that burns between Melissa Hart and me just might be hot enough.
Shit doesn’t come easy for us. Enemies are expanded, secrets are revealed, and lives will be taken. Yeah, I’m Braxton “Hella” Ward, and you bet your f*cking ass that you ain’t ready for this story.
Holy. Shit.  I absolutely loved One Hundred and Thirty Six Scars but what I feel for Hellraiser puts that love to shame.  I think I lasted two days before starting Hellraiser and I did not put it down.  It just had me screaming I hate you Hella, then saying I love you Hella, wanting to yell at both Hella and Melissa to get their heads out of their asses and just stop the fighting.  I need a wardrobe change if you know what I mean and my friend who I was messaging with during my reading was like my dealer she just kept saying don’t stop keep you.  I may have also called Amo Jones some well let’s say creative names but I did mean them out of love.

Hella wasn’t my favorite character in the previous book because he was acting like a massive asshole towards Melissa but she wasn’t an angel either.  The sexual tension between these two in that book was off the charts, in Hellraiser it is so much more that you almost want to lock them in a room and yell get it on again already.  I don’t know if I have ever loved and hated a character at the same time like I did Hella for the majority of the book, but I did.  Even when I wanted to take his own gun and shoot him with it, I still loved him.  Trust me Hella is one of those characters that get under your skin in both good and bad ways.  Once he wakes up and decides to make Melissa his, I was ecstatic because I knew that he was going to give her hell but also protect her with every breath he had.  I knew he was going to do something and I am glad he did because they deserved much worse.

Melissa she comes across as this sarcastic, strong and sassy, almost bitchy at times woman but there is so much more beneath the surface that you didn’t see in the first book.  Something horrible happened in her past, I wanted blood when I read about it, I wanted death because she should never had gone through that.  I was so angry when she told Hella not to act, because you knew there was no way he was going to let something like that go especially when she was his, in the past or not, she was his and he needed to do it.  I know a lot of her actions and attitude are because of how Hella treated her before and a couple times I wanted to remind her that they weren’t together at the time no matter how much she may have wanted to be or not.

Hellraiser can be read as a standalone but I think I loved it even more because I did read One Hundred And Thirty Six Scars first and I wanted to know their story even back then.  Amo Jones knows how to completely hook you into the stories she writes and makes you wish that you didn’t have to do other things just so you can never stop reading.  This book is dark at times, it is erotic, it fucks with your mind and heart and I loved every single moment of it.  This is a definite must read, just make sure you don’t have to do anything when you start reading because you won’t want to put the book down.

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