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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday! Into His Dark By Angel Payne

This review originally posted at My Secret Romance 
and I have permission to post here.

Into His Dark (The Cimarron Series, #1)

I have been a fan of Angel Payne’s previous series W.I.L.D. Boys series since the first time I read it so when I saw that she was started a new series I jumped at the opportunity to sign up to review it. When I started Into His Dark, at first I was a little skeptical because it started off a little slow but then, then it just bloomed into a story that I just couldn’t put down. A story about a love that is forbidden, one that shows that some love is sometimes written by the fates or gods, that just one look can connect two people without even knowing who they are.

Cam is a part of the production crew for the first ever and possibly only time that outsiders are allowed on the Island Of Arcadia. Outsiders are not allowed, well that is until Cam’s ex gets permission from the Arcadian King, Evrest and a small film crew is allowed to film on the reclusive island. Cam is drawn immediately to Evrest but knows that anything between them will be forbidden as he is to take a wife in six week time, a position that Cam will never be in line for because of who she is. Little does Cam know that Evrest already has a strong connection with Cam, one that makes him want to say screw it all just to be with her.

Like I previously stated, the book starts out slow, Angel Payne is painting the picture of what Arcadia looks like, the customs, and who is who. Once you have that picture in your mind you get the heart of the story, where Cam and Evrest fight their feelings and attractions in some of the hottest scenes I have read. Holy hell King Evrest is sexy as hell and at the same time he is innocent. Take what you will from that statement but just read the book because while it does have some smoking hot sex scenes, there is also something beautiful about Evrest and his love not just for his country and all he would sacrifice for it but his love for Cam as well.

Angel Payne has another winner on her hands, and this reviewer will gladly take one for the team so to speak to read each and every book she writes in this series because I have a feeling we are going to be on one hell of a ride when it comes to these Arcadians. Into His Dark will have you wishing that the island was real just so you could experience the beauty first hand.

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