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Monday, October 30, 2017

Blog Tour! Mama Knows Best By Reece Taylor

Sometimes your Mama actually knows what’s best…..

The last thing MaCee Burkett wanted was to move back to her hometown and in with her mother no less, but circumstances demanded she do just that. She finds that the life she had before was not as bad as she had imagined and she is happier than she thought possible. She reconnects with friends and finds a love she never dreamed would be hers, also she might patch up a relationship with her mother.

Tyler Dixon has an unexpected inheritance when his father suddenly dies. He decides to move to the small town of Twin Oaks and connect with his family roots. MaCee is an unexpected bonus that he soon discovers he doesn’t want to live without.

Mama Knows Best is the introduction to the small town of Twin Oaks, where everyone knows everyone and then some. It is the beginning of a series of stories about the inhabitants of a small town where everyone feels at home.

We have all heard the saying “mama knows best”, sometimes that is true and sometimes it’s not.  In Mama Knows Best it is, or wait should I not tell you and make you find out for yourself?  Naw I won’t do that to you, Mama really does know best in this sweet first book in the Twin Oaks series.  It is the first book, but I was really impressed with Ms. Taylor’s writing style. My grandparents are from the South and as a child I was down there a lot and also lived in Oklahoma and Texas so it reminded me of the small Southern feel that you just don’t get up here in the north.  The book isn’t overall a long but it isn’t a novella either, it is a good pick for a fall afternoon to curl up under a blanket and read.  MaCee and Tyler will make you love this story; I know they did for me!  I am excited about reading more of this series in the future.

What the ever-loving hell? How am I at the Twin Oaks annual Cotillion, dressed in a very prissy white sun dress, heels and my Grannie Burkett’s pearls, for Christ’s sake? This is impossible! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact I’ve moved back to my hometown, and in with my mother no less, then somehow she convinced me to come to this atrociously, antiquated tradition the ladies of this town seem to think must happen every year. I have no idea how my mother made me think this was the place I simply must be at this moment. She has always been especially gifted in making others believe her ideas are good ones, only to find yourself at a cotillion you thought you would never attend again.

I’ve been back in town all of a day, and barely have my suitcase unpacked, so to find myself in the country club banquet hall, where all major social events seem to occur in this town, is a bit of a shocker. The hall looks the same as it does every year for this event, white string lights around the windows and doors and every fake plant in the room, white table cloths and material around the windows, also every type of white flower available to the ladies is in vases scattered around. All the unmarried ladies are expected to wear white, I guess to complement the décor. I’ve never thought to ask about that. Lucky for me, my mother just happened to have a white dress lying around. You would think she planned this or something. Also, once you reach the age of twenty you’re expected to show up with a date, I’m without a date which I am finding out is a big no-no.

Mother presented me to all her society cronies, who have made several passive aggressive comments about how lovely I look for an older girl who doesn’t have a husband or even a boyfriend. Good God, I’m only twenty-two and hello, welcome to the twenty-first century women. A woman does not have to have a man to define her, although my mother may be a pain in the ass at times, at least she doesn’t hold to most of these women’s backward beliefs. She even rolled her eyes behind Mrs. Anderson’s back, one particularly opinionated old biddy who said if I wasn’t careful my uterus was going to dry up. I was proud I didn’t start laughing, which would have totally outed her. I’ve always hated this event which I had to start coming to when I turned sixteen, it induces mind-numbing boredom, watered down punch and lame ass music. The last time I was forced to attend I was eighteen and found ways to overcome the misery with several of my friends, the problem is I don’t recognize anyone here. All the girls are younger than I am and therefore making me look more and more like the dateless old spinster, I apparently am.

Meet The Author:

Throughout her life, Reece has always been an avid listener to people’s stories and has loved telling stories of her own. When she became a young teenager, her grandmother gave her a romance novel (very G-rated) and this began her love of reading. She has dabbled with writing for years and never committed to just doing it. Finally, she made up her mind and decided to try due to the fact there were so many stories in her mind that wanted out. Hopefully you will enjoy the stories as much as she is enjoying writing them. She lives at the beach with her husband and dog, her college age son also lives with her but stays so busy she barely knows he’s there. Her daughter lives nearby with her two children and she enjoys spending time playing with them. Life is full of going to the beach and grandbaby time and now writing.


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