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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Review Hear Me Out By Lila Rose

Fear keeps the truth away from his brothers. Fear and pain keeps him away from the man he loves.

Hawks MC member Maddox “Beast” Lawson had a difficult time growing up. Tired of being ridiculed because of his effed-up brain-to-mouth connection, it was easier to say nothing at all. Living in silence worked out just fine until that b*tch called Fate took his hearing, not only that, but she also threw him into the arms of the man who refuses to acknowledge that one hot night they shared.

Jay Conger, Knife to his brothers, loves pussy. Licking, fingering, screwing, he’ll take it any way it’s offered. After one surprising night with Beast, to say he’s freaked out is an understatement. Hell, even bananas have taken on a new meaning, and thinking about a certain someone’s body is too much. Unable to think straight, Knife is at an impasse, not only with his traitorous desire but with his heart.

Both lives are going to change. Only will it be for the better?

OMG I had tears rolling down my face more than once from laughing so hard while reading Hear Me Out.  Two words.  Hot wax.  That right there even now I am being to laugh all over again just thinking about it.  Okay so anyways.  Hear Me Out is a sexy m/m romance about two tough ass bikers that you just can’t help but love.

 Beast aka Maddox just lost his hearing and is trying to be able to move forward and not let this bring him down.   Add to that that his best friend Knife aka Jay, and him haven’t spoken in months after something happens between them.  My heart was breaking for Beast because you could tell the pain he was in and not only from the loss of his hearing.  Knife was freaking out about what had happened between him and Beast but at the same time he couldn’t stop thinking about it and not necessarily in a bad way either.  When something forces Beast and Knife to live together you hope that these two will be able to work through all the tension and chemistry between them.

I absolutely LOVED Hear Me Out.  I am behind in this series but was able to read this as a standalone but I do plan to go back and read the ones I haven’t yet.  It had been a while since I had read a book by Lila Rose but that will be corrected immediately because Hear Me Out reminded me why I love her writing in the first place.  This is a must read for any m/m romance fan I think you will not only love it but laugh at certain things just as much as I did.

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