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Friday, August 11, 2017

ARC Review! Forbidden Bite By Cynthia Eden

“Don’t look into her eyes. If you do, she’ll take your soul.”

Werewolf Griffin Romeo has new prey—a sexy female vamp named Isabella has been hunting in Sin City, and it’s Griffin’s job to stop her. Tracking Isabella is easy work for an alpha wolf, but once he gets close to gorgeous Isabella…Griffin’s careful plans go straight to hell. Because with one bite, he’s absolutely hooked on her, lost…mated.

Vamps and werewolves are supposed to be sworn enemies. They aren’t supposed to feel a white-hot attraction that burns soul deep. Now that he’s found his mate, Griffin isn’t about to let Isabella go, especially not when he learns that Isabella isn’t the killer who is attacking humans in Vegas. Griffin’s mate has been set-up, and he’ll fight with a wolf’s fury to find the enemy who is working against them both. Someone wants Isabella to be judged guilty by the wolves in Vegas, but Griffin won’t let that happen.

Their mating may be forbidden, but Griffin and Isabella are about to show the paranormal world just how fiercely a vamp and werewolf can fight for each other—because mates bond forever. And nothing will come between them.

Author’s Note: FORBIDDEN BITE is a short, sexy story (32,000 words) about one hot werewolf and his sexy vamp mate. Lust comes first (and fast!) in this tale, and then love is close behind. If you enjoy a hero who will gladly sacrifice everything for his lady, hot times, and a happy ending…then maybe you should take a BITE.

After reading a shifter book that I did not enjoy right before I started Forbidden Bite I was hoping I wasn’t losing my love of some of my favorite paranormal romance tropes, shifters.  Thank the book gods because Forbidden Bite completely caught my intention from the very start.  Now this is a fairly short read but it does not lack in chemistry, plot development or character development, it nailed all three. 

This reminds me of a favorite movie series of mine where a relationship between vampires and werewolves were forbidden.  But you can’t help it if the universe decides your mate is your immortal enemy right?  Griffin, a werewolf and Isabella a vampire are sworn enemies, the races do not get along but when the mating bond begins you can feel the chemistry between these too burning your skin it is that hot and intense.  There is action, a bit of suspense and truths come out about the history of their species and the parts they played in the other’s lives.

This was a really great start to a series that I have a feeling is quickly going to become a favorite of mine and I can’t wait for the next book to release.  If you are a paranormal romance fan add Forbidden Bite to your TBR lists I think you will really enjoy it.

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