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Monday, July 31, 2017

Review! Beard Up By Lani Lynn Vale

Ghost [gohst] noun: the soul of a dead person, a disembodied, vague, shadowy spirit wandering among or haunting living persons; a mere shadow or semblance; a trace. That noun sums up Ghost and what his life has become with painful precision. He is barely living, merely existing but never thriving. There wasn’t much that could pull him from the darkness he willingly inhabits…except one thing. Her. She is the reason he’s done what he’s done, and his life has become what it has become. He haunts his former life, lurking in the background, surviving on occasional glimpses of the only thing good that is left in his miserable life. The horror he has inflicted upon her is nothing compared to the terror that waits for her when someone moves in to take her from him. The thing about being stuck in the past is that it is like walking through life backwards. She is always looking back, so she doesn’t see what is happening in front of her. Unfortunately for her, it turns out that the ghosts of the past aren’t nearly as terrifying as the monsters of the future. They say that true love is like a ghost, something that many talk about but few have seen. It’s a good thing for that, too, because he’ll need that element of surprise to protect her. Hopefully when the dust settles, he’ll be able to resurrect more than just himself.

OMG. OMG. OMG.  I swear I must have said OMG a thousand times while reading Beard Up.  Lani Lynn Vale outdid herself with this one and it is beautiful, tragic, heart breaking, emotional and full of moments that you didn’t see coming.  Now I know you want to know who Ghost is.  Well you won’t be hearing it from me. Not only out of respect for Ms. Vale but because this is a book that you need to EXPIERENCE to fully feel the IMPACT it delivers. 

From the very first page until the last works at the end I didn’t want to put it down.  I had a migraine the day it hit my kindle and I was not letting anything stop me from reading Ghost’s story.  This is a book that builds with each revelation given, with each circumstance revealed, and with every twist and turn thrown your way.  Obviously I won’t give the slightest hint to who Ghost is, so this is going to be one of my shorter reviews so that I don’t spoil it for anyone.  Just be prepared to FEEL, CRY, be CONSUMED, and finally and most importantly find the TRUTH about what happened.

I absolutely can recommend Beard Up but I would recommend reading the previous books in the series just to get a better background on why all of us are so curious as to who he is.  Lani Lynn Vale completely blew me away with Beard Up, this one was so worth the wait and the questions, I loved it and can’t wait for more of this series and more from this author.

5 Star Amazon Review - “Perfection! The definition of true love and sacrifice! ALL THE STARS!!!!”
5 Star Amazon Review - “My best book of 2017”
5 Star Amazon Review - “** Sweet Jesus-- Couldn't put it down ** Absolutely LOVED IT!!!”

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