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Hi I'm Janna and I am a book whore! I started this blog after being a part of another for years. While being a big blog may be nice I like to stay true to me having a love for books, that's why I blog. I love books and I want to share that love with my readers of this blog. I love to read, books are my escape and a huge part of my life besides my husband and two children. I am honest and sometimes sassy in my reviews but never mean. Some of my favorite authors include Kristen Ashley, Penelope Douglas, T.M. Frazier, M.N. Forgy, Rachel Van Dyken, Meghan March and Vi Keeland to only name a few!

Please note that I am the ONLY reviewer on the blog beyond a few guest reviews. It has been brought to my attention that people not associated with my blog have been requesting ARCs please if you ever question a request please email me at the blog's email.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

ARC Review! D.I.L.F. By Alexis Angel

.I'm Definitely a Daddy You'd Love To...


Don't say it. Because once you say it, you won't be able to stop thinking about it.

How my soulful, bedroom eyes will look into the depths of your soul. Or how my ripped body with my 8 pack abs will press up against you. How I'll f*ck you with my foot long lust muscle till you pass out from the pleasure.

So when my enemies send a temptress my way to sabotage my business, they gotta know how it's gonna end.

How after one night with me I'm gonna own her - body and soul.

They think I'll go easy on her and let her win because she's my stepdaughter?

If anything, that just makes me harder to beat.

And trust me darlin', the only thing better than a a DILF that can get as hard as me.

**Come join Alexis Angel in this full-length standalone romance but please note she's not responsible for the laundry bill if you soak your panties! No cliffhanger but it's going to be a scorcher with scenes of MF and MFMM. HEA? You know it, babe**

Every once in a while this book whore wants to read a sexy, naughty, taboo read and that is exactly what D.I.L.F. is.  Yes you read that title right.  D.I.L.F. if you can’t figure out what it means take a look at the beginning of the book’s blurb, you will quickly figure it out.  Now before some of you have a coronary, this is a step-dad and actually not even that, it is an ex-step-dad.  I figured I better clarify that before people get their panties all in a bunch.

This is a fairly quick book but the chemistry between Parker and Amy is off the charts explosive.  This is erotic, naughty, and just taboo enough that it makes you question if you could ever be in this kind of situation or not.  When I say this one is hot people I mean it, Ms. Angel does not hold back at all and I really liked it over all, although some of the drama was a bit over the top I could have either done without it or had it handled in a different way I enjoyed this one. 

If you are a taboo fan like I am I think you will like D.I.L.F. as well.  

Alexis Angel writes steamy contemporary romance about bad boys for the bad girl in all of us. She is still single at 30, in case anyone is interested to know, and still very much looking for love. Her favorite things in the world are flowers, chocolate, lingerie, high heels, lipstick, perfume, and the credit card award miles that she gets from buying all that. Prior to writing, Alexis used to be a financial analyst in New York City. She quickly decided that working for a faceless corporation run by men was not her dream job. So she began to write. And as she began to write, she began to use those credit card award miles to travel all over the world. Alexis is still single, in case you forgot from above. She spends winters in California, fall and spring in New York City, and summers in Europe. 


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