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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Release Blitz! Lovesick By T.L. Smith

I couldn’t do broken.

Broken is what he was.

Broken is what I will always be.

To his eyes, that held so much despair, I couldn’t look for long.

To his fist, that clenched so tightly, like he was locking away the sorrow.

To his lips, that never uttered a word, from the years of heartbreak.

And despite it all, I couldn’t stay away from him.

It was like he was drowning in an ocean, and I wanted to grab his face, and whisper to his lips, 

“Don’t forget to breathe.”

This was how I fell for a man. A man who was so lovesick, I was afraid he would drown me in that same ocean he was lost in.


Lovesick is not your typical romance, not even close.  It is filled with pain, despair and heartbreak.  It is also such an emotionally driven book that I have tears in my eyes typing this review.  At times I couldn’t breathe, and when you read the book you will understand the significance of that statement and I think your breath will be taken away as well.  Lovesick reminds me of another book but Lovesick is darker and it worked. 

If you have abuse triggers you are going to want to possibly skip this one because the Heroine Keegan, or Kee, was in an abusive marriage and is slowly starting to move forward with her life but she is still very scared and I would say almost timid.  Watching her grow was beautiful, tear inducing and heartbreaking but I think what happens has to happen for her to finally heal the broken in herself.

Khol.  I think I cried over his pain, his past, his heartbreak more than I did Kee’s.  When someone is as broken as Khol, even a small time frame of happiness can begin to heal those fractures deep within ones soul.  Shit here come the tears again and this time they aren’t stopping. Something happens.  Something that I won’t say because I won’t spoil it but when it does it is so emotionally draining because you don’t see that coming.

There are so many moments that I can go on and on about but I want to say that Macca will take your heart and run with it.  He will surprise you and that is all I am going to say about that.

T.L. Smith has been a favorite author of mine for a while now but Lovesick has cemented her place on that list for life. Lovesick will have you on such an emotional rollercoaster that you have to be reminded to breathe and it will rip your heart to shreds but it is one I highly recommend.



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