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Monday, February 13, 2017

Blog Tour! Plus One By Missy Blake

Plus One BT ban

plus-one_amazonNo feelings. No lies of calling the next day, and no empty promises of not banging anyone’s mother. If I could act like I’ve never met a set of twins I screwed on the same night, thinking they were the same person, then I could do this. It was the perfect set up for a fake relationship and it was simple. We faked our smiles, we faked our laughs; hell, we even faked our love. It wasn’t real. But that kiss was anything but fake, and the orgasm was anything but pretend.   Somehow my plus one had become more, and now I’m standing here with my underwear around my ankles wondering what in the hell to do next.   

Plus One was hilarious, it was sexy and it was one I absolutely loved!  I must admit I do love the fake relationship romances because you just know that the fake part never lasts and all that leads up to that point will be entertaining.  Plus One does all of that and more. Who wouldn’t want to get their family off their backs about settling down and being in a relationship?  I know I would especially if I had the mothers that Rae and Max have. 

Rae, after her ex walks out on her on her wedding day has sworn off relationships, she also takes her partying to extremes at times but I would be the same way if that had happened to me.  Max helps her escape the wedding to get away from everyone who just witnessed her embarrassment. 

Max needs a plus one for his sister’s wedding or his mother will find one for him.  When he bumps into Rae again he brings up the whole fake dating thing and the plan begins.  Watching these two fake date is hilarious at times and you can feel the sexual tension between the two of them.  Now Max, my man Max, you do a real asshole move but I forgive you and love you once more.

Missy Blake, or M.N. Forgy as I know her as has shown that she can write different genres and can kick ass with whatever she decides to write.  I am looking forward to reading more from the lighter and funnier Missy Blake because Plus One is not only a book that this book whore highly recommends, but one that I will be reading again and very soon.

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      About Missy Blake: Bestselling author M.N. Forgy known for her suspense gritty romances has decided to take a walk on a different side of things writing under pen name Missy Missy Blake is the perfect outlet to express her sassy, funny, romantic side of M.N. Forgy. So with a glass of wine in her hand, she trudges forward to deliver the perfect book boyfriend in a variety of worlds. 

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