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Friday, February 10, 2017

ARC Review! Zero To Sixty by Marie Harte

Bad boy Sam + Good girl Ivy + Stray puppy = Damaged hearts learning to love again

After her last relationship bombed, Ivy Stephens is doing her best to put her life back together. She's enjoying her job, her apartment-and the cute little puppy she's seen hanging around. When she goes looking for him, she finds the stray in the arms of a big, burly, devastatingly handsome man.

Sam Hamilton is lonelier than he's ever been after his best friend's engagement. To give himself a sense of purpose, he takes in a puppy that keeps showing up around the garage where he works. The puppy has another suitor though-one who happens to be blond and beautiful.
I was really intrigued by this. I liked Sam in the earlier books and I was looking forward to his story.

Unfortunately, as I got to know him, I was not really all that fond of him.  I liked Ivy, and I enjoyed the scenes with them together, but I was really not that fond of Sam, which was disappointing.

I was never really able to engage with the story as a whole, as there were a lot of parts of it that was focused on Sam.

The writing was strong, and the characters stayed true throughout the book, and I think my dislike of Sam was something that was just me.  It happens, and I was a little sad as I liked the other books, but this one was a miss for me.

I recommend the other books in the series, and while I did not really like this, I am not able to really say I don't recommend it.

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