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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Blog Tour! Screwmates by Kayti McGee


Screwmates, an all-new standalone, laugh out loud romantic comedy from Kayti McGee is now LIVE!

screwmates-amazonI knew from the first time I saw Marc Kirby that I was screwed.

Big eyes, scruffy face, brown curls – yes, yes, and yes. The man is wicked hot.

He’s also my roommate, and since I work nights and he’s at class all day – it’s like living alone at half the rent.

Then an unexpected night off turns into an unexpected morning in Marc’s bed, but it turns out we can't even figure out the screwing.

This is not great news for Marc who’s going on a “bangcation” at the end of the summer – a whole month in France that he’s planned to spend getting busy with the women of Paris.

It’s also not great news for me for obvious reasons.

With both of us needing work on our skills, there’s only one logical solution to our predicament.

Told you I was screwed.

This book had me caught me right from the start and had me laughing out loud. I found the situation Madison and Marc were in to be completely relatably and often times amazingly awkward-just like it would be in real life. I loved this book from start to finish.

When you hear about a story with roommates you expect there to be some kind of friends to lovers aspect-and that’s always a huge draw for me. However, in Screwmates we have roommates who were on completely opposite schedules so they really never saw each other. One night on a couch with some wine changes that and we get to see an intriguing plan form.

Madison and Marc bumbling their way through a seduction plan was great. I was shaking my head at the pair of them, just waiting for the right time for them to figure out what was right in front of them. But for these characters, everything came in due time. The pacing was right for these two adorkable characters. Seriously though, I couldn’t stop laughing at the two of them throughout their attempts.

These characters are so relatable. I think every person can say at one point they’ve felt like Madison-or Marc for that matter, in regards to seducing someone. But I didn’t just laugh with them, I fell for them. Marc had me shaking my head and sighing/swooning all at the same time-particularly at the end (I won’t spoil it). I loved Madison’s passion for her work; her profession and how it grows was really cool and unique in my opinion. I got all of her quirky character references and thought they were really fun.

The supporting characters here were just great too. I seriously wanted to just sit and drink with them. If you’re looking for a funny, yet hot, rom-com then I definitely recommend Screwmates. In fact, even if you think you’re just looking for straight up sweet romance, read it. You definitely won’t regret it.

There is a talent in the ability to make me laugh and swoon at the same time, and Kayti McGee has this talent. This is not the fist time I have thought this, and I have enjoyed other books by her, but this one, for me, is her best yet. It just really worked. 

Marc and Madison are wonderful. Marc is a PhD candidate and future teacher who is convinced his life is as beige as his couch. Madison is an artist, and a talented one, who hasn't yet gotten to the point where she can support herself with her art. From their first impactful meeting to their nights on the couch, in wine tasting events, and other places, I was drawn to them and their story. And, really, it is impossible not to be as they are so human, so real. The conversation in the aisles when they go shopping together *might* have been oddly similar to one I have had in my own life. Ahem. Anyway. Madison and Marc were real, they felt like people to me, and I just loved both of them.

It's a balance...if I am going to laugh, I need to not lose the heat, the attraction, and the build up to more. If I am going to enjoy the sexy times, I need to not have them seem dirty when juxtaposed with the humor. And, it was balanced perfectly. The writing, the characters, the pacing. It all worked so I was invested in their relationship while laughing.

I am not going to get into how she does this, exactly, as it would ruin the story...but I can say that I have never laughed harder at 2 people NOT having sex.

Just read the book, you will be so glad you did.

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