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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Review! Shut Up And Kiss Me By Jessica Lemmon

Cade: I tried. I really tried. I should be out of this small town by now, finishing my law degree and partnering up with my buddies, but I couldn’t resist one last street race. Now I’m sidelined in the hospital, and while my injuries will heal, I’m not so sure my voice will return. What kind of attorney can’t talk? Yeah, exactly. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to come back from this... until Tasha Montgomery reawakens every competitive bone in my body.

Tasha: I nearly watched Cade Wilson die on that lonely stretch of road. He’s damn lucky just to be alive, even if he doesn’t realize it. I know he’s destined for bigger and better things, but I don’t mind helping him get there as he relearns everything he took for granted. Cade’s a good student, a real perfectionist; I can tell how much his stutter bothers him. But when he lets his kisses do the talking, everything else disappears. And one day, maybe he’ll be able to tell me that he wants me—as much as I want him.

I found Jessica Lemmon through another author I follow and I quickly became a Lemmonhead. This book was a departure in some ways from what I normally expect from Jessica Lemmon but I absolutely loved it.

Shut Up and Kiss Me is the story of Cade and Tasha. Our hero and heroine are college age-the first departure from my normal Jessica Lemmon experience-but it works here. I’ve been out of college for some time now but this book took me right back, and I enjoyed that.
Cade is injured in an illegal street race and has a difficult time speaking after that. For a student who was determined to be a lawyer, this was definitely a setback. His friends move forward with their lives, leaving him stuck in his own personal hell. This character is flawed, but so damn honest and sweet at his core that I couldn’t help but love him.

Tasha is a physical therapist but Cade’s father wants her to help Cade with this speaking issues. Even though he ignores her attempts at first, Tasha doesn’t give up on Cade, unlike most people he’s used to. Tasha has the potential to come off as a spoiled rich girl, but she is so much more than that.

College age romances can be hard to get right but Jessica Lemmon shows her versatility with these characters. Cade and Tasha were so true to themselves instead of the stereotypes typically bestowed on people in that age group. The chemistry, language and tone were just right. I loved this book and would recommend it!

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