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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Book Tour! Nico By Sarah Castille

Las Vegas Mafia boss Nico Toscani is used to getting what he wants, whether it is having the City of Sin under his rule or a beautiful woman in his bed. But when he meets his match in the gorgeous, headstrong Mia Cordano, the daughter of a rival crime lord, all bets are off . . . Sexy computer hacker Mia struggles to break free of her ruthless father's Mafia ties . . . but she can't resist the powerful and seductive Nico, who will stop at nothing to possess her. With their families locked in a brutal war for control of the city, Mia and Nico enter into a forbidden game. Will they surrender to the passion that burns between them and risk tearing apart their families? Or will Nico be forced to betray the only woman who sets his blood on fire?

I am not sure what I expected of this book, but wow I loved it. And Nico. I really like Nico...I just want to take him home with me and keep him here for a while.

In some ways, this book was different than I was expecting, but in others, very true to the lifestyle it portrayed, and not apologetic about Nico being in the Mafia, and not really wanting to change his lifestyle. I appreciated this. He was a Mafia boss, and this was his life. And he didn't apologize for it, and he didn't want to change it, and he was invested in the life. Yes, there are some moments, which I will not spoil, that he doesn't totally follow the code, but this is him also being a caring human being. I liked that he was able to be both.

Mia,the princess of a rival mob family who left the life intentionally (as much as she was able) is a good opposite of Nico. She wants nothing to do with the lifestyle and while she is at it, nothing to do with him when they first meet (although she is wildly attracted to him, understandably so, I think.)

Nico and Mia together were also interesting, and they had explosive chemistry. Which is always fun. And hot. This one kept me up late last night and I finished it in the early hours of the morning. Because I didn't want to put it down.

The writing was strong, the characters were believable and the pacing moved smoothly from scenes with Nico, with Mia and scenes where they were apart. I definitely believed the resolution, even though it did end a little differently than I was expecting (which I liked, actually).

I recommend this book.


As you all know by now this book whore is always game for a kick ass mafia book.  I just can’t help myself, some are amazing and some need cement shoes to put it bluntly, but when you can hook me in and keep my attention I know I 99.9% of the time am going too really like or love it.  Nico for a while there I was thinking it was going in cement shoes territory, it started slow and for a bit was in a sense boring, but slowly I had to just read one more chapter, one became two, two became three, and well you get the point, I was pulled in.  I am so glad I didn’t quit this one because I really liked it a lot.

Nico and Mia will at times have you wanting to slap them silly, the next lock them in a room and tell them to get on with it already and then you will want them to find love with each other.  Both of these characters have pasts that are painful. Reading about what Mia suffers through by not just her father but brother was at times painful.  Nico may have blood on his hands as well but there was something about him that had that blood not mattering because of how he was with Mia, even when I wanted to put a pair of cement shoes on him for something I couldn’t stay mad for long because I understood his anger.  Watching the relationship and bond between Mia and Nico strengthen and holy hot hell the sex scenes are well worth the buildup, I mean I wouldn’t tell Nico no if he wanted to take me into a bathroom and do whatever dirty things he would want. 

I am really looking forward to the next book in this series, I think this is going to be one that is going to keep us on the edges of our seat from beginning to end.  This is one I recommend for fans of mafia romances to read.

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“Welcome back, my friend.”

Wham. Nico had King by the throat and halfway over the bar before Mia had a chance to introduce him.

“Let him go.” Mia tugged on Nico’s wrist, dislodging his hand from the bartender’s throat.

“Sorry.” She reached across the bar to straighten King’s collar. “He doesn’t get out much.”

“Hey, no problem.” King held up his hands, palms forward in the universal sign of surrender. “Just being friendly, man. We got a hands off policy until five a.m. That’s when the clubs shut down and the strippers come in looking for some fun.”

“You.” Mia turned and poked Nico in the chest. “Take it down about one thousand notches. I know these people, and they know me. Nothing’s going to happen to me here.”

Nico grunted but didn’t look convinced. Mia ordered a couple of two-dollar drinks and found a small table near the back that wasn’t covered in empties.

“Don’t use the washroom unless you’re desperate,” Mia said, amused by how uptight her Mafia boss was in the pit of sin. Or maybe it was because he had left his bodyguards outside and he was alone for the first time in forever.

“I’ve got my piece.” He patted his jacket, and Mia laughed.

“Oh. It’s a gun. I wondered what that was when you were pressed up against me at the bar. I thought you wanted me.”

His eyes darkened and he reached over, dragged her chair toward him. “I wanted you back at the hotel. Now it’s a fucking need.”

Mia leaned over, kissed his neck. “Do you know what I need?”

He threaded his hand through her hair, pulled her closer. “What do you need, bella?”

“I need to dance.” She pushed away and wound her way through the tables to the tiny dance floor in front of the stage. How the hell could she make this work if she wanted to jump him every time they were together? She didn’t want to get emotionally involved in a fake marriage that tied her to the mob, especially when it was never meant to last. And yet, she was already emotionally involved. She could never have said ‘I do’ to a man she didn’t trust, a man she liked and cared deeply about. There was so much more to Nico than the cold, ruthless mob boss he let the world see. He was passionate, protective, deeply committed to his family, and so damn sexy she couldn’t keep her hands away.

Someone put the Clash on the jukebox and she danced with two biker chicks as punk rock videos played on the projection screen behind the stage. She glanced over at the table, but Nico was already behind her.

“You trying to fucking kill me?” He wrapped one arm around her waist, and pulled her against him, as if they were alone and not in the middle of a dance floor in a grungy dive bar.

“I was trying to dance.” Her nipples tightened as he ground his hips into her ass. “I see you want the X-rated version.”

He kissed his way down her neck, and nipped the sensitive skin on her shoulder, sending a shiver down her spine. “I could fuck you right here and no one would bat an eye.”

Mia turned to face him, wound her arms around his neck. “I knew you’d like it.”

“I like watching you.” He pulled her close and danced like his hips were unhinged, grinding against her until her clit throbbed and she was so wet for him, the thought of fucking him in the filthy bathroom held considerable appeal.

“Nico.” She moaned softly, and he thrust his thick thigh between her legs, rocking her against the rough fabric of his jeans.

“Can you come like this?” His voice was a low, sensual rasp in her ear, his hands firm on her hips, his body hot and hard in her arms.

“I don’t know, but I want to.”

He twisted her hair in his hand, yanked her head back, and kissed her fiercely. “How bad is the restroom?”


She slid her hand down, smoothed it over his T-shirt, tracing over his rock hard pecs, the ripples of his abs. Nico’s grip tightened and his voice dropped to a husky growl. “How much do you want me?”

“Worse.” She rubbed the palm of her hand along his rock hard erection. People danced around them, laughed, and joked. Their R-rated behavior was nothing in a bar where she’d witnessed X-rated shenanigans.

“Come.” He grabbed her hand, pulled her across the dance floor and through the maze of tables to the tiny, dark hall leading to the restrooms.

“Where are we going?”

His lips curved in a sensual smile. “To give you what you want.”

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sarah Castille worked and travelled abroad before trading her briefcase and stilettos for a handful of magic beans and a home near the Canadian Rockies. She writes contemporary erotic romance and romantic suspense featuring blazingly hot alpha heroes and the women who tame them. Her books include the bestselling “Redemption” fighter romance series, and the dark, gritty Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club romance series.

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