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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Release Blitz! Mr. Sportsball By K.P. Haigh

Montgomery Bell craves adventure-the kind that knocks on your door and drags you out by your half-slept-on hair because it can't wait another second.
The problem is, she still lives thirty minutes away from where she grew up, in a college town obsessed with the one thing she hates: football.
It doesn't help that Montgomery wouldn't know the difference between an interception and a fumble if one hit her in the face.
When she meets Baron Richards, it practically does.
Baron is a rising star in the professional football world. Their worlds collide, sending Montgomery on the kind of adventure she never even thought to look for.
Finding love isn't the end of the story. You have to figure out what to do with it once you catch it, and run like hell to make that happen.
Don't worry, Montgomery's running...she just doesn't quite know which direction yet.
Mr. Sportsball is not your typical sports romance. It's a full-length, standalone novel that will have fans and anti-fans cheering for the same team.
Recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual content.

By now you know that I am a huge fan of sports and sport themed books, I mean hello hockey, football,  baseball, soccer, you name it and I probably love reading about it if not love it in real life.  So I couldn’t wait to start Mr. Sportsball, I wish though that excitement would have continued once I started the book.  First off I have to say it because I am from Michigan, I am a huge University Of Michigan fan, have been for 38 years so one thing I have an issue with is if you are going to reference the school please get the name right!  It is not Michigan University it is the University Of Michigan, I bleed maze and blue so that just got me irritated from the start.  Now yes that last bit was probably a tad bit harsh, but as a fan I couldn’t help but point it out.

Overall I liked Mr. Sportsball but I was far from loving it.  It is the same old story of the hater of sports falls for the sports player, this time football, only this one, Montgomery never tried to even like the game and made her hatred of the sport well known.  Here is the thing I could sort of understand why she was the way she was but on the other hand she only thought about herself and ended up being that annoying heroine that you just don’t want to even try to like after a while.

Now Baron I really like and wished we had chapters in his POV, he was a football player but he was so much more.  I wanted to know more about him, what he felt and it was him that saved the story for me.  I appreciated that he from the start was portrayed as more; too many times the authors make the mistake of doing the opposite that they don’t get to the real person until late and sometimes when the reader will not like them at that point.
I wanted more from Mr. Sportsball and in the end just didn’t get what I was hoping for.  Too many issues left unresolved and an annoying heroine took away from what could have been a really good book, maybe these issues will be not as a problem for other readers but for this book whore I just couldn’t get past them. 

I shake my head. "I'm sorry."
He frowns, but he keeps holding the door open. "What are you sorry about?"
I'm sorry I can't walk through that door. I'm sorry I can't date a football player. I'm sorry I can't seem to get over that detail. "I can't go on a date with you."
"Tonight?" I can tell by the way he asks, he already knows the answer. I see his fingers loosening their grip on the door handle.
"Ever." The word feels like a heavy stone thrown to the bottom of my stomach. The weight is sudden and uncomfortable.
"Because I play football?" He says it like it's a hobby he picks up from time to time, like he knits scarves or paints watercolors of sunsets, as if it's something that can be taken out and then packed away when the hour is up and it’s time to go back to normal life.
But, this is normal life.
People recognize him. He has the power to make or break someone’s day, and all because he plays a sport I would rather pull off my own fingernails than sit down to watch. I look at him, and that stone in my stomach feels even heavier.
"We're just different people."
"Because I play football." He lets go of the door and walks over to a chair underneath the coffee shop awning next door. He's processing what I'm telling him, and I follow him and sit down too.
He's quiet for another moment, and then he turns to look at me. His blue eyes are so crisp, I bet if I looked close enough I could see his thoughts like an airplane spelling words across the sky.
He leans his elbow on the table and rests his chin on his fist. I have to use all my willpower not to stare at his tan forearm, but really, I don't know where to stare that doesn't make me want to throw my defensive stance out the window.
"So, you're telling me that if I had walked over to you and given you my number the other night, and I was a professor or a plumber or a bartender, you'd go out with me. But because I play football for a living, you're turning me down."
"Yes," I say quietly. The word feels hollow. It seems silly, but I know I'm right. Even if it is silly, I can't get past it, and I'm not going to lie and go on a date with him just to say I did.
"Hmm." Baron laughs to himself, like he finally gets the joke. "That's never happened before."

K.P. Haigh joined the adult world as a project manager. After spending years in spreadsheets, she put her love of blank notebooks to good use and started spinning words into love stories.
In a perfect world, K.P. would have a never-ending supply of coffee, carbs, and sticky notes. She corners the market on ridiculous facial expressions and is happiest when she's cooking for people or making them laugh.
She’s always up for crispy French fries and can’t wait for self-driving cars to take over the world so she can read on her way to everywhere.
K.P. lives in Seattle with the man who loves her crazy and their son, who inherited half of it.

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