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Monday, October 31, 2016

Blog Tour! Scoring The Billionaire By Max Monroe

Two love-matches made. One to go.

Even though two of his best friends have settled down, Wes Lancaster is determined not to get sucked into some siren’s web. As owner of the professional football team the New York Mavericks and wildly successful BAD restaurant, his lifestyle is full as it is.

Well, it was, until Winnie Winslow, the new, sexy, stiletto-wearing Team Physician trash-talks him in the locker room without batting an eye.

Now he can’t stop himself from wanting her.

The only girl in her parents’ brood of five, she’s as outspoken as she is beautiful and the kind of woman who holds her own—and then some.

Always competitive at heart, if he’s going all in for love...
Wes sure as hell wants a Win-Win.

Prepare to get a little dirty because this one might go into overtime.
Game. On.

I have loved each of the Billionaire Bad Boy books so far and Wes’s book, Scoring the Billionaire, didn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for a fun, steamy, and sexy read look no further. Max Monroe has outdone themselves-again.

Seriously, I want to be friends with these characters. Winnie Winslow is such a strong, independent, sassy woman-raising her daughter on her own, holding down a job normally dominated by men, and trying to ignore the intense attraction to her boss, Wes. She wants love, epic love, not to complete her but to complement her. I loved watching her fall for Wes and I fell right along with her.

I knew I would like Wes-I mean, the hilarious duo of Max Monroe wrote him, but I didn’t know I would love him as much as I did. I fell hard for this man hook, line, and sinker. An alpha male who doesn’t even know he’s looking for love but falls hard for the single mom AND her daughter? What’s not to love?! The unmistakable sparks between these two were off the charts from the get go but getting to glimpse Wes’s softer side at times? Yep, I was a goner.

If you haven’t read anything by Max Monroe yet, I strongly recommend that you do! This duo of authors have created such a fun group of unique and dynamic characters with their Billionaire Bad Boy series. I loved catching up with the other characters in this series, watching them watch Wes and Winnie on their journey, helping them along the way. Seriously, this book was fantastic and I can’t recommend this series enough. I’m torn between excitement at the next installment and sadness, knowing that’s the end of these bad boys.

I have a new author to love, or actually a writing duo to be more accurate and that is Max Monroe!  I just recently read the previous books to prepare for Scoring The Billionaire and I can’t tell you which one I loved the most because I loved them all!  Wes, Winnie and Lexi will own your heart, especially Lexi, she just added that perfect little extra touch to the book that made me love it even more. 

If you have read the books, and if you haven’t, don’t be like me and wait, read them now.  You know the hilarity that this series provides, plus when we get to see our favorite characters from our previous books it just adds to the connection we not only feel to the characters but to the books themselves.  I have needed the laughs that all of the books including Scoring The Billionaire gave me after some extremely stress filled weeks.  I was able to just forget for a while and laugh and smile and just enjoy the story as it unfolded in front of me.

Wes and Winnie are absolutely perfect for one another.  I had been curious about Wes since the very first book and I was not disappointed at all with what I learned.  I can’t pick just one of these guys to love, they all have a part of my heart but I will say this one more time.  Lexi is who stole the show.  You can’t help but fall in love with this little girl, she is something very special.

I can’t recommend this book enough!  This really needs to be on all of your TBR lists including the previous books!  Max Monroe you have a new fan and it is the book whore!

“Leave it,” I whispered as her phone rang from her tiny purse that lay discarded on the floor, groaning and pushing her deeper into the wall before sucking the peak of her nipple into my mouth.

We were in the trenches of my favorite two-person activity, and I had absolutely no desire to add a third—especially knowing whoever was on the other end of her phone wasn’t a model for Victoria’s Secret.

Relax. I’m mostly joking.

I’d been working diligently at the removal of each and every piece of her clothing for the last five or so minutes, but we were so desperate to keep our mouths on one another, the process had been slow going and she’d yet to have the chance to reciprocate.

I couldn’t help it, though, and I didn’t mind that I still wore my clothes. Her skin was like a flavor, one I swore had been specifically designed for me by Baskin Robbins, and her nipples were like the cherries on top. Deep red from my attention and perfectly delicious.

But the bleating of her phone threatened to pop my flawless pleasure bubble.

And I was in no way ready to stop.

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