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Sunday, October 2, 2016

ARC Review! Broken by Lisa Edward

I wasn't looking for love, but it found me.

After giving up my dream of becoming a writer in favor of a marriage that was destined to fail, I'd been given a second chance. A chance to discover if after seven years, free-spirited Evie Rivers still lay beneath the surface.

For eight weeks, it would be just me, my laptop, and the wintry Hamptons landscape. No distractions, no interruptions. At least, that was the plan. Until he came along.

Adam Walker. He was a smart, sexy Englishman hell bent on helping me find what I had lost: myself. He laughed easily and found the good in every situation, but I couldn't help wondering what sadness lay behind the smile that slipped when he let his guard down.

Suddenly, though eight weeks doesn't feel like long enough, maybe eight weeks can be all it takes to change your life forever.

I liked this, and I didn't at the same time. The story, for the first 2/3 was good, but it lost me toward the end.

But, without spoilers, I really didn't like the ending. I like reality, but only so much of it, as I do read romance after all.

Evie is a little broken at the beginning, but she is figuring it out. She is taking her life in her own hands, and she is figuring it out. And, into her figuring it out steps the skinny dipping neighbor 2 houses over.

Adam has a secret. One he is not telling Evie, or the reader. But, it weighs on the book as you know there is something there.

For me, the secret kept the story from ever taking off, and I started to get annoyed with Adam for continuing to get deeper into a relationhip with Evie and still not tell her. I was also annoyed by the resolution, I just didn't believe it. Well, I guess in one way I did, but it just didn't seem realistic to me. With the past and the history they each have, I didn't believe that either of them would act in the way they did.

And, the ending. It is not possible to discuss it without spoilers...but I didn't love it. I didn't step away from this feeling the way I should after a compelling romance that engages my heart. I wasn't a little in love with Adam...and that goes back to the way he treated the revelation of the secret.

There was also a "surprise" that I thought was oddly obvious. And, at the same time, a bit of a cop-out, as the story around this would have been interesting, and would have forced some interesting revelations that were skipped due to the time jump. I really felt the "meat" of the story was left, lost in that jump in time.

All in all, I am really not able to recommend this book...and really not able to fully explain why.

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