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Monday, September 26, 2016

Review! Cuffed by Kathryn Nolan

Detective Will Furey is a Good Cop–decorated, well-respected, a true leader. In his ten years on the police force he’s never broken the rules.

That is, until he meets Violet D’Allegra. Or rather, begins to tail her.

Violet is Will’s worst nightmare. She’s a notorious con artist who’s been seducing and blackmailing men up and down the California coast. Arrogant and beautiful, she’s stayed one step ahead of the law her entire life–and isn’t about to stop now.

Every night Will watches her set her trap. And every night he fights the urge to walk right into it.

But the question is: who’s tailing who?

Note: this is a short, quick-and-dirty novella. It’s a little twisted, and a lot dark, but still has a damn good HEA.

I was told this was going to be a quick, hot f***...and that is exactly what it was. But, you know what? I actually believed the characters, I believed their motivations, and I believed they would act as they did. Was it a little twisted and a little messed up?  It sure was...but that was most of the fun.

Will and Violet are similar creatures, they want similar things and, once they are with one another, realize that what they want is to figure out a way that they work. As the blurb mentions, they do actually figure this out.

This was a first novel by Kathryn Nolam and it was very well constructed. The writing is strong, and it flows well. The dialog sounds authentic, which is a pet peeve of mine when it isn't, so I really notice when it works. The story ARC, while quick as it was a novella, was also believable with pacing that worked for the story that was being told as well as the length.

I look forward to the next work by this author and I recommend this one.

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About the Author:

Kathryn Nolan writes erotic romance novels and quick-and-dirty novellas. She enjoys writing about dominant men and submissive women (and vice versa). She loves a smart, strong heroine. She likes her heroes filthy-mouthed (and not afraid to bend a little).

When she’s not at her day job (which is top-secret) she enjoys feminism, foreplay, and having her nose in a book. She’s a morning writer, a bike commuter, and the world’s biggest X-Files fan.

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  1. This is so so fabulous and very much appreciated! Love this review and LOVE this blog! ~Kathryn