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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Release Blitz & Double Review! Rookie Move By Sarina Bowen

The first novel in a sexy new series featuring the hockey players of the Brooklyn Bruisers and the women who win their hearts—from the USA Today bestselling author of the Ivy Years series.

In high school they were the perfect couple—until the day Georgia left Leo in the cold...

Hockey player Leo Trevi has spent the last six years trying to do two things: get over the girl who broke his heart, and succeed in the NHL. But on the first day he’s called up to the newly franchised Brooklyn Bruisers, Leo gets checked on both sides, first by the team’s coach—who has a long simmering grudge, and then by the Bruisers’ sexy, icy publicist—his former girlfriend Georgia Worthington.

Saying goodbye to Leo was one of the hardest things Georgia ever had to do—and saying hello again isn’t much easier. Georgia is determined to keep their relationship strictly professional, but when a press conference microphone catches Leo declaring his feelings for her, things get really personal, really fast....

As a hockey fan and as a Sarina Bowen fan when I saw that she had a new series coming out I was excited, finding out it was a hockey series, well this book whore did the happiest of happy dances, thanked the book gods and had to get my greedy whore hands all on it asap.  If you can’t tell I was excited.  Rookie Move made this book whore oh so happy.  It has hockey, it has angst, it has second chances, it has stubborn sassy females, and even more stubborn men, oh did I mention it has hockey?  Rookie Move was a hat trick start to a new series, for those non hockey fans out there, seriously you need to be hockey fans, but a hat trick is amazing, it is something that doesn’t happen every game so when it does it is amazing!  Basically Rookie Move had everything a I was looking for in the book. 

Leo and Georgia had a past, one that unfortunately ended after something horrible happened, Leo didn’t want their relationship to end but Georgia did.  After full reading what happened, and I won’t say what, but I could sadly understand where her mind was at the time.  It is heartbreaking and sad because their relationship was so string until then.  When they are reuinited to say it wasn’t all happiness is an understatement, Georgia’s dad is the team’s new coach, Georgia works in the PR department and Leo is the newest trade to the team.  Leo sees this as the chance to get Georgia back, he’s tried to forget her but she still holds his heart.  It won’t be easy though since her dad wants him traded and Georgia is like an ice queen towards him.

While I pointed out that there was hockey, that isn’t all that Rookie Move is about.  It is about second chances, healing, understanding that things are not your fault and sometimes bad things happen to good people.  Rookie Move is about love, friendship, healing, forgiving, and moving forward stronger than you have ever been.  Oh and yes I can’t help but say it has hockey.  Sarina Bowen has written another winning story and what I believe will be another hat trick worthy series.


There were parts of this book I really liked and parts that I didn't. I enjoyed the relationship with Leo and Georgia. I thought it felt authentic and I thought the reason that they split up years ago was handled well...not over the top, but in a way that not only resonated for the reader but for the characters.

I didn't, however, really believe in the actions of the coach, Georgia's father. I didn't think he would be willing to risk his professional career with a vendetta, and it was clear that was what was going on with Leo and the coach. It was a part of the story and part of the tension, that the trade deadline was coming (this is not a spoiler, the number of days until the trade deadline are mentioned on the top of almost every chapter) and that coach didn't want Leo to stay. I was also hoping for the reasons behind his behavior to be more than they were. For me, this hurt the pacing and plot of the story, as I was just not willing to believe a coach of a professional team would behave in this manner over a personal grudge. Maybe it happens, but it didn't work for me and it took away from the story.

“Come right this way,” Georgia heard her coworker and roommate Becca say, the clomp of her Dr. Martens echoing through the grand old passageway. “Nate is excited to meet you.” Becca was the owner’s assistant, and Georgia lingered half a second to wave her down and offer her a donut, too.
But Becca didn’t happen to look in Georgia’s direction as she led a tall man down the corridor. Something about his gait snagged Georgia’s subconscious. So she took a second look.
And that’s when her heart took off like a manic bunny rabbit. Because she knew that man. She knew the chiseled shape of his masculine jaw, and the length of his coal-black eyelashes.
Oh my God.
Omigod, omigod, omigod.
“How was your flight?” Becca asked him, oblivious to the fact that Georgia was spying.
“Not too bad. I got in late last night.”
The sound of his voice fluttered right inside Georgia’s chest. It was the same smoky sweet timbre that used to whisper into her ear while they made love. She hadn’t let herself remember that sound in a long time.
Now it was giving her goosebumps. The good kind.
“Welcome to Brooklyn,” Becca said while Georgia trembled. “Are you familiar with the area?”
“Grew up about thirty miles from here,” he answered while chills broke out across her back.
Holding her breath, Georgia eased her office door further closed, until only a couple of inches remained. She could not be caught like this—freaked-out and speechless, hiding behind a door.
The movement caught Becca’s eye, though. Georgia saw her turn her head in her direction and then pick her out in the crack where the door was still open. Becca raised one eyebrow—the one with the barbell piercing in it.
All Georgia could do was close her eyes and pray that Becca wouldn’t call out a greeting.
There was a pause before Georgia heard Becca say, “Right this way, please.”
Quietly, Georgia stepped into her office and shut the door. After flipping on the light, she let her briefcase and pocketbook slide right to the floor. Only the folder that Nate had given her was still in her shaking hands. She flipped it open, her eyes searching for the new player’s name on the page.
But she didn’t even need the paperwork to confirm what her racing heart had already figured out. The newest player for the Brooklyn Bruisers was none other than Leonardo “Leo” Trevi, a six-foot-two, left-handed forward. Also known as her high school boyfriend, the boy she’d loved with all her heart until the day that she’d dumped him. And now he was here?
“Thanks, universe,” she whispered into the stillness of her office.

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