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Monday, September 26, 2016

Blog Tour! Chandler by Laurelin Paige


I'm good in a boardroom, but I’m better in the bedroom. Much better. I can charm the skirt off any woman in one encounter. I'll even give her an orgasm before I put her in a cab. Or three. No more or she’ll start making plans for the future and I'm not into that.Or I wasn’t until Genevive Fasbender. She's the first woman in five years that I want to spend the whole night with. And she's the first woman who’s told me I'm not what she wants in a lover, even after multiple O’s. She’s brash and bold and stubborn as hell, and she doesn’t believe it’s possible to satisfy her.But I’m up for the challenge.And after an incident in my brother’s office closet―a downright dirty incident―I think I’m just the guy to deliver.Genevive Fasbender will never know what’s coming.
Chandler, while technically a book that could be read as a standalone, takes place in the “Fixed” world and has characters who had their stories told in earlier books. While there is enough information presented in the story for you to relate to them, there are also a lot of spoilers, as this takes place a few years later. So, while this is a standalone, for the full impact (and I assure you, it has its moments) you want to have read the others first.

Now, to the book. Chandler and Genevieve are HOT together. Sit in front of a fan drinking ice water…HOT. There is a closet scene that may be the hottest thing I have ever read, and I make it a point to read sexy books, so that is saying a lot. Part of it is the writing, their chemistry feels so real, you relate to them, you feel what they are feeling. This draws you in to not only the story, but their emotions.

Chandler, when you first meet him seems young, a little unfocused and a bit of a player. Hudson clearly thinks so, based on the dialog in the opening pages. The story matures him, he starts to take himself seriously, allowing others to take him the same way…although it takes Hudson a minute to decide if he believes in the change in his brother. The dialog between Hudson and Chandler is filled with laugh-out-loud moments in which you get to watch 2 very different men, who love one another, try to figure out how to relate to each other as they both respond to things that happen in very different ways.

Chandler, while still serious, is the lighter of the books, so far (subtle hint, Ms. Paige that you can write others with these characters) in the “Fixed” world. It is still serious, but his take on life is a little more irreverent than Hudson’s (which is not tough) so he comes across as a little uncommitted. Especially when compared to Genny. A realization that he comes to as he matures. This was fun to watch. The development of Chandler throughout the book is really impressive and his character goes on quite the emotional journey from the beginning to the end.

Genevieve, Genny, is put together, she has goals and is driven by a desire for her father to take her seriously. This keeps her from wanting to become involved with Chandler, as she feels that she will not be taken seriously if she is with him. The push and pull she feels between business and allowing herself to be with Chandler is her central struggle in the book. And it frustrates both of them when she gets close and then pulls away. The evolution of their emotional relationship is wonderful and is the catalyst for a lot of the growth for Chandler.

The story is from Chandler’s POV and Laurelin Paige has a particular talent for writing her male characters. She writes, in my opinion, some of the best male POV books around. Chandler feels real, he feels approachable. You understand why Genny is attracted to him. You get to know him, the way he thinks, and you watch as those thought patterns change, as he matures, as he realizes he wants more.

I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this book, which thrilled me, and let me tell you, I dropped everything I was reading to pick this one up. Laurelin Paige is an author who never disappoints and I have devoured everything she has written, so maybe I am a bit biased in stating that this book was wonderful. Although, honestly, I think she is just that good a writer that everything she writes is a pleasure to read.

As for the mechanics, so to speak, of the book…it is well written, the pacing is perfect, there are no points where it drags or feels inconsistent. You relate to the characters, you understand them (even those where you wish you didn’t as you aren’t happy to see them, but saying more there is a HUGE spoiler, so I will be quiet) and the dialog is true to life.

I highly recommend this book. I would give it more than 5 stars if that were an option.

Five minutes later, the valet pulls up with my car. Genevieve raises an eyebrow. “A Bugatti?” I’m so impressed she can name the model that I practically jizz in my pants. “It’s the best.” She shakes her head, and I swear I hear her mutter something about rich men and their toys, but I don’t respond, too occupied with inspecting my car and then passing the attendant the cash I promised him earlier for returning my vehicle in perfect condition. I slide into the driver’s seat, and when I look over at Genevieve as she buckles her seatbelt, a wave of pure, unadulterated lust rolls through me. I’m very aware that I’ve trapped her, that she’s now defenseless to my whims. Not that I’d take advantage, but goddamn, to think that I could… I nearly shiver at my own vile thoughts. Glad she can’t know what I’m thinking, I flash her a smile. “So. Where am I taking you?” “I’m staying at the Park Hyatt on 57th Street.” “Fancy.” The Park Hyatt is one of the nicest luxury hotels in New York. That means this girl has money, which isn’t a bad thing. Just, the swell of my wallet in my back pocket is usually one of my better attributes. If wealth doesn’t attract her, I hope I’m not shit out of luck when it comes to getting an invitation up to her room. Apparently, I’m transparent because she asks, “Not impressed?” “Quite the opposite. I’m worried you won’t have a reason to be impressed with me.” Now I’m the one who can’t believe how honest I’m being. “It’s a valid worry,” she says after a beat, and I can’t tell if she’s teasing or being blunt. Can’t tell if I should prepare for gut-wrenching disappointment or dive into another round of sexy banter. I concentrate on my driving instead, speeding up before slipping expertly into a tight opening in the adjacent lane. I’ll admit I’m showing off. “Smashing,” she says with a tone that vibrates through my body like I’m a tuning fork. Then, abruptly, she laughs, and I turn my head toward her, alarmed at the source of her amusement. “I still can’t believe you drive a Bugatti in the city. I can’t decide if that makes you brilliant or as mad as a bag of ferrets.” “Brilliant, of course.” Though, with her so close, I feel more like I’m going crazy. “What can I say? I like things that are fast.” “Of course you do.” “You don’t?” I raise a questioning brow. “Maybe you don’t understand how awesome fast can be.” I put my foot on the gas and race down the next block to prove my point. The traffic light turns red as I approach the intersection, and I ease the brakes. “See? Fast is fun.” “The problem with fast is it’s over too quickly.” Is that innuendo? Her gaze pierces into me, and the air around us feels tight and charged, and I’m suddenly certain that I will die if I don’t get to taste her tonight. Even if she didn’t mean anything more when she made her statement, I certainly do when I say, “Don’t worry. I know when to take my time.” She exhales, slowly, and I swear I can feel it. As though she’s already in my arms and her breath is grazing every inch of my bare skin. No matter what happens after this, I know she at least feels this…this attraction. Or whatever it is. Her voice is low and sultry when she replies. “You’re not talking about cars anymore. But do you really take your time? I’d guess you bolt the minute you’re finished.” She’s so blunt, so direct, and I don’t know if it’s a her thing or an English thing, but I like it. I also like this conversation we’re having. Because we’re drawing the lines, and that means the potential for tonight is high. So I answer with a nod, making sure she understands that she’s correct in thinking I’ll bolt. Because I will.



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Laurelin Paige is the NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Fixed Trilogy. She's a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there's kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters.

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