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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Blog Tour! Long Shot By Kayti McGee


longshotpinkMeredith definitely drank too much last night. Why on earth else would she have woken up without her purse, and the distinct memory of giving her number to a stripper? So gross.
The good news is, she never has to see him again. Except to get her purse. And to discover she did another terrible, horrible, very bad thing while drunk- she accidentally became a professional penis photographer.
Rob wishes more people would believe him when he says he truly is stripping his way through journalism school. It's the only way Millennials can afford school with no student loans. When Meredith quite literally stumbles across his path, he's super smitten. Sadly, she is less so once she sobers up.
Can he trick her into dating him? Can she trick her mother into thinking she has a respectable job?
And can anyone recover once the internet picks up their story? It's a long shot for both of them.

Krakens. Croissants. Penis Sweaters.

They were all in this book. Yes really.

First, I have to say that Kayti McGee makes me laugh. A lot. Enough that at least once, there will be a snort laugh that someone else notices (no sneaking these at work for me). Her writing is well constructed, her characters are realistic, and their internal dialog is hilarious. This one starts out with a bang, well, yes and no. And it goes from there.

What I enjoy most about McGee’s writing is that while it is funny, she still manages to tell a story, and one that has depth. A lot of romantic comedy lacks this, and it feels like you are watching a sitcom, that the characters are one dimensional and only exist for the payoff laugh. But in this, Meredith and Rob both have depth, personalities, wants, disappointments, and dreams that you can relate to.

I definitely knew where Meredith was coming from that she didn’t want to date a stripper, and I think a lot of us would feel the same way. I love that a lot of it comes from not being comfortable in that world, from feeling out of her element. That gives a charm to her and also lets the reader forget that maybe a stripper isn’t husband material.

Rob is trying to get through school without student loans. No easy goal, and he is close to pulling it off, which definitely gives you a glimpse into his character, as work and school, both full time, puts a drain on anyone…that he is able to manage tells you he is the kind of guy you want to get to know. And, just from this, it lets the reader understand what Meredith sees in him, and lets us believe that, stripper or not, there is more to Rob than immediately meets the eye…although, that isn’t bad either.

I adore how she falls into (onto?) the penis photography…but then takes it seriously. This came across as authentic. She is a photographer, she would take it seriously and want to do a good job. 

I loved the interactions with Meredith and her family, especially grandma who you only meet electronically. They were supportive of her, as I think most families would be, in her situation. There was a little drama with her family, as some are more supportive than others, but isn’t that how it always is with families?

I highly recommend this book (although, as I mentioned, I do not recommend sneaking it at work). Kayti McGee is definitely a one-click author for me…and after Long Shot, I think she will be for you as well.

Did I mention there is a Kraken reference?

Strippers are people too damn it!  Yes I said it and yes I mean that.  Both male and female strippers are still people who are smart, who have degrees or are working towards one, and deserve to not be treated as less because of their jobs.  Okay I know y’all think I have probably lost my damn mind but  I promise I haven’t, well I probably have lost it a little bit but just trust me, read Long Shot and you will understand why I am saying this.

Meredith meets Rob during a drunken night at the strip club, one she barely remembers after all the drinks she had and she is horrified that she *gasp* gave her number to a stripper.  I know the horror right?  (Are you feeling the sarcasm coming through right now?)  Meredith is an out of work photographer who is living with her sister and her family.  So she has every single right to be judgmental, well I mean at least she isn’t a stripper right?

Rob may be a stripper but he is also a journalism major working on finishing up his degree.  He is stripping to pay his way through college so he doesn’t have any student loans when he graduates.  He is instantly enamored with Meredith and made it his mission to get her to date him.  Rob is sweet, funny, sexy and supportive of Meredith when she becomes a penis photographer (let that one sink in for a moment).  He is proud of her and wants her to stop thinking he is just a stripper, but someone who is sweet, falling in love with her, and is worthy of her.  Oh and his Kraken is pretty monsterous as well, you will understand the reference if you read the book.

So here is my dilemma, Long Shot is very funny, I would laugh so hard I would have tears in my eyes, but what took away from what I believe could be an amazing solid 5 star read, was Meredith.  Her constant snide stripper comments just made her a very judgmental bitch.  What made her job, a penis photographer mind you, better than Rob?  Sit and think about that one for a moment.  It wasn’t just Rob she was like that with, she was judgmental of an author and a teacher as well, so basically she is a prude who thinks she is better than anyone who likes to let go and have a little fun.  Rob was the character that made this book, he went to such lengths to prove to Meredith he was so much more than a stripper, that he was a person who had dreams, made mistakes, and had feelings just like she did.    Overall I did really like Long Shot, I just wish I would have been able to love it like I had wanted.



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About the Author:

Kayti McGee is a former Kansas Citian who now follows the Royals from Colorado. Besides writing, her hobbies include travel, cooking, and all thing Whovian. She also writes as the latter half of Laurelin McGee. Like her co-author Laurelin Paige, she joined Mensa for no other reason than to make her bio more interesting.

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