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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

ARC Review! Playing Fast by Melanie Scott


When baseball bad-boy Finn Castro raises one eyebrow too many, the Saints send him down to the minors. He’ll have to earn back his major-league dreams with the Sarasota Springs Preachers. Finn’s certainly never claimed to be a man of the cloth, and cleaning up his act isn’t going to be easy with stunning Eva Harlowe at the heart of the team’s administration…

Eva knows having a crush on Finn Castro is about as sensible as wishing for an eighth day of the week, but seeing the gorgeously muscled player in person melts her resolve. If she’s planning to leave baseball at the end of the season, a hot fling could be a fantasy home run. But when no-strings sex begins to feel like a perfect partnership, will Finn and Eva choose the love of the game or real life together?

This is the first book I have read in this series, although I have heard of the others and actually think I have a couple of them on my TBR.

That said, I was able to follow this with no issue, even without having read the others.

I enjoyed Eva and Finn. Eva, with her backstory was interesting and I think realistic. I think she did what anyone would have done, or at least tried to do, in the same situation. And, I think breaking that pattern and living for herself after all of those years would be difficult. So, while she kept pushing Finn away, I was also able to believe in her actions and responses.

Finn was pretty much the exact opposite...he got what he wanted and at a fairly young age, so he was less able to see the value and more willing to allow immaturity to rule his actions. And, now he is paying the price for this and having to learn a little humility along the way.

I enjoyed the 2 stories as well as the way they worked together with one another, the way they each were able to balance the other. Eva showed Finn the great things about being responsible, while Finn showed Eva how to live for herself. The interactions between them were interesting and compelling.

I also really enjoyed the dialog. There was something about it that was so fluid, so well written, that I really was able to engage with the characters, to relate to their conversations and to really feel the flow of the conversation. This made both of them feel realistic.

The characters, the pacing, the plot and the development of the story were strong. I recommend this book.

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