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Monday, June 13, 2016

ARC Review! The Hang Up by Tawna Fenske

PR specialist Miriam Ashley makes her living cleaning up bad boys. Mountain climber-turned-CEO Jason Sanders should be an easy fix. And with a nephew to care for, he’s motivated. The problem? Every time she tries to help Jason get his head in the boardroom, they end up in the bedroom.

What the hell is she thinking? He’s the definition of off-limits. Not just because he’s a client—he spends his free time risking his life mountain climbing. The same thing that got her father killed. She’s not going to open her heart to a guy who could disappear at the drop of a…well, she’d rather not finish that thought.

She needs to leave complicated alone, but every time she sees Jason, something tells her it’s her who might fall...
Not so much. It could be just me, I am picky and the other reviews of this are positive, people seem to love it. I am just not one of those people.

In the first 5% of this book, we meet Miriam, we meet Jason. Miriam thinks he is homeless because, wait for it…

He just completed a Tough Mudder and instead of cleaning off there, he decides to run the 2 miles home to use a warm shower, still covered in mud…

But he loses his key on the course during the challenge…(yet doesn’t seem to know this until after he has run home)

And needs to borrow her phone….

To call a locksmith, so he is not late for a meeting with his nephew’s oncologist.

So, Miriam lets him use her shower…where her cat barges in on him, naked. Jason is naked, not the cat. Well, I guess the cat, technically, is probably naked…which is definitely not the point.

And, the book continues with similar situations and encounters, to the point where I was not able to engage with it. It never felt like anything other than a slapstick story, one that I was not supposed to take seriously or invest in. I didn’t believe in their relationship, or that there was wnough between them to be willing to begin a relationship. I thought the situation with his sister happened too late in the book, and was too obvious…she knocked on the door of a duplex, having never been to his house but the woman who answered was obviously his wife. Um, no. I don’t think anyone but the most insecure of people would jump to that conclusion.

I see where the author was going with this, I do. But it didn’t work for me. It turned the “meet cute” into a “meet and run” for me, as there were too many clich├ęs and silly situations.

I did continue, hoping that it would get better, that the silliness was confined to the beginning of the book, but what I got was a guy who seemed like a goon, who had to be taught table manners, who freaks out over little things, and who eventually, sort of, finds his own…although part of that involved showing up inside her house uninvited.

I never got over the beginning of this book, I never saw either character as particularly likeable, I thought she was condescending and he was terribly out of place. It was almost a Pygmalion idea, but with him in the traditional female role. But, part of the charm of those stories is that there’s an inherent grace to the characters, which he was lacking.

The writing was ok, the pacing of the story was decent. Unfortunately, I had such a difficult time relating to the characters that I was not able to engage with them in any way. I was never able to bring myself to care about them, nor did I really care if they ended up together or not, which is the main and central thing I should care about in a romance.

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