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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Release Blitz & Author Interview! Forever Pucked By Helena Hunting

Being engaged to Alex Waters, team captain and the highest paid NHL player in the league, is awesome. How could it not be?

In addition to being an amazing hockey player, he’s an incurable romantic with an XL heart, and an XXL hockey stick in his pants. And he knows how to use it. Incredibly, orgasmically well. Alex is the whole package and more. Literally. Like his package is insane. Total world record holder material.

So it makes complete sense that Violet Hall can’t wait to nail him down to the matrimonial mattress and become Mrs. Violet Waters.

It’s so romantic.

Violet is totally stoked to set a date.

Eventually. At some point. Likely before the next millennium. Or when Violet stops getting hives every time someone brings up the wedding, and their mothers stop colluding on stadium sized venues. Whichever comes first.

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Hey everyone Janna here, today we are talking to Helena Hunting.  She is one of my favorite authors whose books are naughty, raunchy and hilarious so let’s get to know her a little better shall we?  Thanks for talking with me today.

Janna:  Tell us a little about yourself and about your books.
I’m most well-known for my romantic sports comedy; The Pucked Series, but I’ve also written The Clipped Wings Series; angsty new adult romance about a seriously hot, damaged tattoo artist. Go to love damaged hot guys who are good with their hands.
Janna:  What inspired you to write your latest release Pucked Over?
There are so many sides to a professional athlete. Hockey and figure skating are expensive sports that require an incredible time and energy commitment, as well as significant financial backing. Beyond that, I wanted to explore how challenging it can be to constantly be on the road, traveling, away from the people you care about, and how that affects relationships. Pucked Over was a balance of comedy and some heavier topics with lots of seriously hot sex, because . . . well . . . Randy Balls.
Forever Pucked takes that one step farther, with committing to a life in that unstable, and sometimes high profile environment.
Janna: Is Pucked Over part of a series, and do you plan to write any more books in this series? 
Pucked Over is the 3rd standalone novel in the Pucked Series. The 4th book, releasing on March 29th, focuses on the characters from the 1st novel, so essentially it’s not a standalone like the other three books.
I have plans for more in this series, but like books 1-3, the next in the series will be a standalone, so it’s not necessary to read all of the other books in the series in order to read the rest.
Janna:  What other books do you have out and which do you recommend your new readers to start with first?
I think it depends on what readers like. If you’re an angst lover, then my Clipped Wings series is a good bet. If you like romantic comedy then the Pucked Series is a good place to jump in. You don’t even have to be a huge hockey fan, or a hockey fan at all, as long as you can appreciate twelve-year-old boy humor and hottie alpha athletes you’re good to go. If you’re definitely not interested in hockey or angst, The Librarian Principle is a standalone romantic comedy about a librarian who accidentally shows her principal her porn collection—with his face photoshopped on all the male bodies. Oops.
Janna:  What scenes were the easiest for you to write and which were the hardest?
In Pucked Over that book just kind of happened. Some books are easier to write than others. I think it really just depends on the characters and whose voice is strongest. I write in dual POV most of the time, so I communicate through whoever is speaking the loudest in any scene.
With Forever Pucked, I really wanted more of Alex’s voice, so we hear from him more than we did in Pucked, mostly because he had more to say.
Janna:  Who or what inspires your books?
My author friends inspire me, my family, my friends outside of the author world, life events, stories I hear; they’re all inspiration in some form. My husband’s one liners often appear in my books, because he’s a funny, funny man.
Janna:  Who is/are your favorite author(s)?
That’s a very long list. Check out all the authors in Felony Ever After. It’s a book written by 13 authors. We all took a chapter and ran with it. They’re all amazingly talented.
Janna:  What is your favorite book or series?
I really love paranormal romance. I loved the Twilight series for YA and I love all things JR Ward, Karen Marie Moning and Larissa Ione. For everything under the sun Debra Anastasia is my go to girl, her Poughkeepsie series is amazing.
Janna: What advice do you have to new authors or those who are scared to write that very first book?
Fear is a shackle no one needs to be bound by. Find your voice and use it to create, then decide what you want to do with that creation. And find people who will foster you, but first you need to foster yourself.
Janna:  Where can readers get in contact with you?
I spend entirely too much time on facebook and instagram, I struggle to keep up with the twitter. I have a fan group called Helena Hunting’s Beaver Den on Facebook where I interact with fans and hangout and chat as often as I can. I also update on my website as often as humanly possible.
Quickie Questions-
White wine or red?
Coffee or tea?
Sleep in or get up early?
I seriously wish I could sleep in.
Laptop or desktop for writing?
That’s complicated. I have a laptop, but I attach it to a 24 inch monitor to save my eyes.
Do you like to cook?
Not particularly, but I do because I hate takeout food for the most part.
Do you have a favorite food?
Popcorn. I love it.
Favorite music?
Depends on the book I’m writing, but I love alternative more than anything.
Favorite Sport?
Bio and Social media links:
NYT and USA Today bestselling author of The PUCKED Series, Helena Hunting lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She's writes contemporary romance ranging from new adult angst to romantic sports comedy. She likes to play Scrabble in her spare but her husband doesn’t like how competitive she is about it so she resorts to Candy Crush instead.

Twitter: @helenahunting

Thank you so much for doing this Interview Helena, I can’t wait to read more from you in the future!

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