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Friday, February 5, 2016

Review! The Muse And The Fairy Tale By Mary Smith

Meadow Hylton has held onto the dream of Prince Charming sweeping into her life and falling madly in love with her. Until it happens, she fulfills her fantasy by writing sports romance books. However, that love has been hit with a bout of writer's block. A new muse on social media helps diminish that block quickly.

Kyson Wick is a newly traded player to the New Hampshire Bears, and he’s thankful for the change. His goal is to be the best hockey player and forget the ex-girlfriend who broke his heart. He’s also hoping a new venture with an author looking for a new cover model is the distraction he needs.

Soon, the chemistry between Kyson and Meadow begins to grow. But when their dreams collide, will the muse be able to fulfill the fairytale?

I am a huge hockey fan, obviously if you don’t know already that I am a huge Detroit Red Wing fan, so I am more critical when it comes to my hockey romance books.  The fact that the author is a Blackhawks (gag) fan will not weigh on my review.  Sorry it’s that whole rivalry thing going on between Chicago and Detroit.  Anyways back to The Muse And The Fairy Tale

I really liked this one and how the buildup between Meadow and Kyson wasn’t rushed.  Kyson has always dated older women and is still getting over a bad break up.  Meadow is older than Kyson and hasn’t had a great life happiness wise, but she is a huge hockey fan and the newest addition to her team is Kyson who also happens to end up being the cover model to her latest book.  Kyson has to work for Meadow to not only try a relationship with him but believe that he really does has real feelings for her.  Does he fuck up?  Yes he does a couple times actually but, he never cheats on Meadow and that right there is what saves him for this book whore more than once.  Was Meadow perfect?  Hell no so both screwed up and needed to not only work things out but grow individually. 

I love how the author had these two have real relationship problems.  We all want our fairy tale ending in love I think, but just because there are issues, hurt and sometimes pain it doesn’t mean that the fairy tale won’t come true and I think that the author showed that beautifully.  I really am curious to see where this author plans to take this series because this was a great start to a series that could be amazing, even if it is from a Chicago fan ;)

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