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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review! A Dom Is Forever By Lexi Blake

A Man with a Past…

Liam O’Donnell fled his native Ireland years ago after one of his missions ended in tragedy and he is accused of killing several of his fellow agents. Shrouded in mystery, Liam can’t remember that fateful night. He came to the United States in disgrace, seeking redemption for crimes he may or may not have committed. But the hunt for an international terrorist leads him to London and right back into the world he left behind.

A Woman Looking for a Future…

Avery Charles followed her boss to London, eager to help the philanthropist with his many charities. When she meets a mysterious man who promises to show her London’s fetish scene, she can’t help but indulge in her darkest fantasies. Liam becomes her Dom, her protector, her lover. She opens her heart and her home to him, only to discover he’s a man on a mission and she’s just a means to an end.

When Avery’s boss leads them to the traitorous Mr. Black, Liam must put together the puzzle of his past or Avery might not have a future…

I had forgotten how much I had really enjoyed this series, so when the opportunity to get caught up arose I jumped right on to it.  A Dom Is Forever is Liam’s book and while it took me a while to actually read it, (I had to stop to read other books for tours and such) I think the fact that I spread it out had me savor their story even more.  I was able to pick right back up each time without forgetting what had occurred.

Liam is the sexy Irish addition to McKay-Taggart agency and his past is one that has more questions than answers.  Avery is the personal assistant to the man who runs a charity organization that provides grain to countries in need, but is there more going on that what she knows?  Liam or as Avery knows him as, Lee, needs to get close to Avery so he can find out.  At the same time he is still trying to piece together parts of his own past, and little by little the truth is revealed.  Liam never planned to ever fall in love and at first didn’t see Avery for the beauty she is.  Avery’s past is also filled with pain and loss but hers also made her who she is today.  When Liam’s eyes are opened about not only how submissive Avery is, but how perfect she is for him, he never plans to let her go.  Too bad that whole her not knowing his real name or what’s going on issue that could cause her to walk away from him for good. 

A Dom Is Forever is filled with the action, suspense, eroticism and romance that we have come to expect from this series.  If you haven’t read the Masters and Mercenaries series before go grab the first two books before starting A Dom Is Forever and find out why these sexy Doms and their subs have made this book whore wishing these Doms would punish her when she is bratty ;)

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  1. I LOVE this series! It's one of my favorites of all time.