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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Review! Crashed By Sherilee Gray

She swore never to trust him again...

Fiery mechanic Alexandra Franco should have known better. Years ago, her best friends' older brother took her virginity and broke her heart-or rather, doused it with gasoline, lit a match, and then walked away. And Alex definitely should not have indulged in another hot night with him after the fact. He's not the same boy she fell for, and she sure as hell doesn't want anything to do with the wealthy, ruthless man he's become.

Walking away from Alex was the biggest mistake of Deacon West's life. She belongs with him, and if getting her back means playing dirty, so be it. If she'll grant him a three-month, no-strings affair, he won't sell the building Alex and his sisters use for their auto repair business. Hell, he'll even sign it over to them. But will Alex ever entrust her heart to him again, or are they destined to crash and burn?
Crashed is the first book in the Axel Alley Vipers series and I liked it.  I love second chance romances, I love a friend to lover’s story, and Crashed is both.  Deacon not only broke Alex’s heart once but did so after taking her virginity.  Bad move my man, bad move.  An Even worse move?  Blackmailing Alex to being exclusively his instead of selling the building that she and his sisters run their business out of, although I do give him credit because it causes Alex to finally come to him to deal with it their past and the still sizzling attraction between them .  They are the only all female mechanic shop and are starting to get the clients they deserve and she will not let the asshole who broke her heart take away everything they have worked hard for.

I admit at first I wasn’t sure about Deacon or his motives but I quickly began to love him.  Alex has a past filled with pain and when Deacon added to it, my heart broke for her.  She was sassy and tough but there was more than one occasion when she needed to, how can I say this, beat the ever loving shit out of a certain ex-wife and she didn’t and sort of looked like the fool in the scenario. 

Crashed was a good start to a series that I hope will be filled with the feisty, sassy females I tend to like in a book.  I also love that they are all mechanics and don’t allow the stupid comments they receive from men get them down since they know they do amazing work.  I am curious to see if the rest of the series will be even better than Crashed was.

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