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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review! Pitching To Win By Carrie Aarons

What do you do when the town golden boy, who never noticed you in high school, decides to make a play for your heart?

For Minka Braxton, high school has been anything but easy. After a humiliating scandal sophomore year, she's avoided the social scene and anything having to do with boys, especially of the popular variety. But with senior year approaching, Minka decides it's time to take life back into her own hands. That is, until Owen Axel, the type of guy she's always avoided, decides he wants her in his hands.

Owen Axel is the definition of popular. Good looks, all-star worthy pitching arm and a former pro-athlete father make him Mitchum's town God. Returning from college for the summer, his plan is simple. Beach, booz, and beautiful girls. But one look at Minka Braxton and he knows what he wants. He just doesn't count on her not wanting him.

As the summer unfolds, both must decide how much to reveal, how deep they should fall, and what might happen if they strike out.
I picked up Pitching To Win because I am reviewing another book in this series and didn’t want to be lost or confused and I am so glad I did.  Pitching to Win was sweet, funny, sexy, emotional at times, and a good book to read on a cold wintry day. 

I really loved Minka and Owen from the very start.  Minka is sassy, sarcastic and really hilarious.  She has been hurt badly so she has no time for guys, especially golden boy jocks like Owen.  Owen is a sophomore in college and a baseball player, he is immediately attracted to the feisty and sarcastic Minka and even if she does push him away he can’t help but think about her.  I wondered if Owen would ever be able to get through to Minka but he is persistent and wants to get to know Minka and date her.   

Minka slowly lets her guard down with Owen and these two really make the other person better in all ways.  When Owen does something to break Minka’s heart and her trust in him, and I will put all of you at ease, he doesn’t cheat on her so don’t think that, but what he does will make you want to slap him silly. 

Pitching To Win is a new adult romance that reminds us to not always jump to conclusions about other people, that maybe underneath it all that person is the one your heart wants.  Like all young love Pitching To Win did have a few issues but nothing that stopped my overall enjoyment of the book.  It also sets up the second book, Hitting To Win, which focuses on Minka’s friend Chloe and Owen’s friend Miles.  If you are looking for a good new adult book with some baseball, a feisty and sarcastic female and a male who will having you swooning at times, then make sure you add Pitching To Win to your TBR lists today.

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