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Monday, January 11, 2016

Release Blitz! Finding Serenity By T.E. Black

When it was good, it was great. When it was bad, it was worse. 

My life turned into a whirlwind of destruction before I even got the chance to love her. 
She could have been my angel, my saving grace; I never gave her the chance. 
I gave myself a taste of her angelic kiss, convincing her to love with everything she had. Then I destroyed her. I destroyed both of us and I felt nothing as I did it. 
I didn't feel anything in my sorry state. 
We both had secrets and both of them would have destroyed us in one way or another. Hers could have possibly been bigger than mine, but I doubted it from the start. I knew I had the quality of devastation within me the entire time. 
After all, I'm the king of lies. I'm the king of addiction. I'm the king of turmoil. I'm the king of motherfucking heartbreak.
As I sit here and typing this review I am still not exactly sure what I want to say about Finding Serenity.  I knew going in that it would be filled with angst, would be emotionally draining and would be, at times hard to read.  I just didn’t realize how much this book would cause my heart to ache, my stomach to flip flop with anxiety, or how it would just make me really emotional at times.  I laughed, I screamed at Trent more than once, I cussed him out, I cried, and then I would do it all over again.  T.E. Black was able to make me so invested in this book that I felt like I was Shay and everything she felt I felt. 

Trent will piss you off, break your heart and will make you love him despite being as much of an asshole that he is.  He has issues, he deals with them the wrong ways and it’s not only effecting his personal life but now it’s becoming dangerous and not for the obvious reasons.  He is an absolute asshole to Shay, but there is so much more there, that when you read about it you see the layers and walls he has up, coming down and you see the real Trent.  The real Trent is what I wanted to see, the guy who does sweet things, the one who makes you love him despite all the bad.

Shay isn’t perfect either in the relationship, but what she is, is loyal to Trent.  She loves him despite the bad and it takes a real strong woman and a lot of love to go through what Shay does with Trent and stick around.  She is strong, sassy, in your face and I loved her.  Even though at times I thought more than once that these two together were toxic, I am glad that they got past all the bad.

When I was first introduced to this author I was blown away at the level of Finding A Way, but for me, Finding Serenity was more powerful, more emotional, more heartbreaking and cements the praise I originally gave her in the review of her first book.  I love these type of stories, I love the angst, the pain, the wondering if a relationship will last or fall apart, and seeing the beauty after the storm of what the characters go through.  T.E. Black proved once again the level of her talent with Finding Serenity and I for one can’t wait for the next book to release.

“TE Black broke my heart and mended the pieces repeatedly throughout this book. I absolutely LOVED it!!” ~Book Lovers Obsession - Kristin 5 star review
“I knew I would love Trent before I started reading.... I never expected to fall this head over heels for him! Hot, bearded, tattooed and sexy as F***!” ~Roby 5 star review (Goodreads)

T.E. Black, also known as Tiffany, lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two dogs. She enjoys reading, coffee, writing, graphic design, camping, and has a weakness for designer purses and shoes.  Tiffany was inspired to write while she was reading her favorite romance novels. Her first novel, Finding a Way (Unexpected Love Series #1), was written within three months. Currently, she is writing her second novel, Finding Serenity (Unexpected Love Series #2), set to be released in late 2015 / early 2016. Tiffany loves to hear from her fans through social media and encourages anyone who wants to gush about her favorite characters, Mac and Callie, to do so.



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