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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Review! Unlawful Seizure By Baylee Rose

Ruthless, Demanding, Wicked and Running from the Law. 


It was a routine parole hearing, until I get caught in the middle of a prison break.
Now I’m property of Max Kincaid, Florida Correctional Inmate Number 91428

I should be terrified.
I should be demanding my freedom.
Instead I’m begging him to deliver on all the wicked promises in his eyes.
The longer I’m with him, the more I need him.
His touch answers cravings I never knew my body had.
Now, all I crave is him.


My life ended years ago.
I have no right to touch Tessa. I should let her go.
I can’t. Instead, I lose myself in her body.
I’m living on borrowed time.
But when the devil comes to collect his due,
It will be with her taste on my mouth.
My brand on her body.
And her name on my lips.

This Book is a stand alone containing one hot alpha and the woman who wants him even more than the cops chasing them both.

Insta-love, hot fun in the Flordia Sun...or rain and a Happily Ever After guaranteed.

Being caught in a prison riot would so be something that would happen to me, not gonna lie, my luck sucks, but if Max Kincaid took me prisoner?  Let’s just say I would not be putting up a fight and would go with him willingly.  Very, very willingly. 

Unlawful Seizure is one sexy as hell read.  Max is a dominant, pissed off man, who isn’t sorry for why he is in prison to begin with; but he is also sweet, protective and oh so sexy.  He knew that he couldn’t leave Tessa behind.  At first it was so she was safe from the other escaped prisoners, but it quickly moved into not wanting to let her go, ever.  Even when he is the biggest asshole to Tessa, oh and trust me he is an asshole of massive proportions, you can’t help but still love him.

Tessa knew Max’s case file better than the attorney she worked for.  She may not be an attorney, but her boss sends her to represent Max at the parole hearing anyways.  If he would just listen to her, she knows she can get him parole. I loved when Tessa really came into her own person, she found her inner biker bitch when she needed it.  Trust me she needs it more than once.  Even when Max royally fucks up, yep I am not going to sugarcoat it, he fucks up big time.  Had that been me?  Well. I may have possibly needed legal representation myself and that is all I am going to say.

Unlawful Seizure left me wanting even more, and by that I mean I want the next book now.  No it is not a cliff hanger don’t worry I just was so engrossed into it I wanted more.  Baylee Rose is an author we need to keep an eye on because I believe we, readers I mean, found a new one to love!

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